How to write a killer About page?

How to write a killer About page?

The About page, we know it by different expressions: ” who are we “, ” our history “… It reveals to us without saying too much, it is its little mysterious side. With her, we put forward his objectives, his qualities or his background.

Today we will focus on its usefulness and how to build eye-catching text that looks like you.

Creating an About page: the advantages

An About page will allow your visitors to get to know more about you (you and your brand). In this part of your site, you will bring added value to your business by being sincere and authentic. This will give a more human side to your business, which can be very positive in creating a solid bond and retaining your customers.

Talking about yourself, your skills and your experiences will build your customers’ confidence in your services or the products you sell. They will be reassured and more inclined to call on you.

Here is a non-exhaustive list of some advantages of a presentation page:

  • Show professionalism
  • Introduce yourself and your team
  • Talk about your brand
  • Gain the trust of your prospects
  • Highlight your qualities and achievements
  • Explain your goals
  • Touch its readers with its story

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Use storytelling to write your story

Storytelling is a good marketing practice, an effective art for telling your story. By building an empathetic narrative, you reach out to the feelings of others.

When writing your About page using storytelling, remember to tell funny or crisp anecdotes. Share the difficulties of your beginnings or that you may have had during your journey (if you have had any). Explain how you were able to get past it, which kept you going and moving forward. Thus, you are no longer a stranger in the eyes of your readers. They get to know you, to feel close to you. A link is created.

Healthy and true communication from the start will lead your visitors to understand your experience, to find themselves in your journey. Be careful not to reveal all of your privacy. You don’t write your biography either. You have to know how to keep it concise, simple while arousing emotions. The key word for success: be yourself !

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The personal branding method

Do you know about personal branding? This corresponds to a marketing strategy that will help you develop and enhance your image. Much more than self-promotion, this sincere approach is a real professional boost. Thanks to personal branding, you get to know yourself in order to make yourself known.

Before you start writing the About Your Personal Marketing page, determine the following:

  • Clarify your objectives and define your offer
  • Dare to stand out and make your differences a strength
  • Identify its added value
  • Expressing your personality without being afraid to “get naked”
  • Reveal your skills and experiences
  • Talking about your failures

Self-marketing is a good way to expose yourself, to good effect, when writing your page. ” who am I “. However, be careful and don’t go overboard. Write about yourself yes, be accessible too, but while remaining humble and keeping an intimacy that has reserved for you. Likewise with your defeats, don’t overdo it, only what readers need to know.

What you should include in your About

When you write your About page for the first time, you find yourself a little lost. How to write good content? Do we have to talk a lot about ourselves? What should we talk about? What are the things to put or not? So many useful questions before getting started. But don’t panic, we’ll see it together.

The presentation page should focus on you, of course, but also on your online store, blog or e-commerce. It doesn’t matter which method you decide to adopt for writing it. Ultimately, the result is the same:

  • Talk a little about your life, about yourself (in relation to your site of course)
  • Discuss his career, his training
  • Know how to be clear, precise and concise
  • Determine your target to adapt your text, by asking yourself these questions: why did you make this site? Why offer my services? Who are they addressed to? What are my achievements? …
  • Communicate what we can bring to customers and why
  • State its services, its products …
  • Describe your expertise
  • Integrate multimedia content
  • Display statistics to consolidate your credibility
  • Demonstrate its reliability with testimonials

You have to make Internet users want to visit your other pages, buy your products, and call on you. Your page ” my story “ must be relevant and it must also reassure.

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About page: talk about your values

Showing your values ​​in your About is timely. Indeed, it reflects your actions, your motivations. It is therefore essential to be aware of these and to use them correctly.
If you ever have a motto or a quote that speaks to you that boosts you, don’t hesitate to mention it. Perhaps it will resonate in your reader’s head.

Insert a Call To Action

A call to action will encourage Internet users to browse more on your website. Moreover, having several call-to-actions in strategic places on your site is a good way to practice content marketing. Therefore, focus on the call to action you want to put in place:

  • A link to one of your social networks
  • A contact form
  • One click to your blog
  • A white paper to download for free
  • A newsletter subscription
  • A button to your YouTube channel

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Testimonials to demonstrate your expertise

Customer reviews are highly appreciated. By including testimonials, your future customers will be better able to trust you. Also, it makes your know-how even more tangible and demonstrates your efficiency. So, don’t hesitate to ask your past customers or consumers to leave you a review.

If you appear in the press, include press mentions or even a link to an interview if so. You can also display your diplomas or your achievements (reward in your chosen field for example).

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Include media in your About page

Incorporating images or videos to accompany your text brings added value to your content.
Do you want to talk about numbers? Insert a graphic to make it more meaningful. Do you want to introduce your team? Post professional photos of yourself and your employees. Putting a face on a name is always reassuring. Do you want to promote your business? Intervene by filming a video. This medium makes your content more lively, more dynamic and allows you to write a shorter About.

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An inspiring About page

To write a good About page, you first need to believe in yourself, in your site. Don’t be afraid ofassert your personality and your differences. Be yourself and make your own story. Create inspiring, compelling, simple, yet insightful content. Above all, do not linger, avoid too long texts where you risk losing your readers (and getting lost too).

Your “who am I” is a reflection of who you are and represents your services, your blog or your store. This page will play an essential role in your website, a bit like a centerpiece. So, do not neglect it and take the time to think carefully about its content.

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