How to work for free to gain experience

How to work for free to gain experience

You never stop learning. And work for free to gain experience. I had the (dis) pleasure of reading a job offer, posted on a portal that I will of course not mention, which was in fact anything but a job posting.

Please let me work. Even free.

I’ll explain. A person, a student with good experience in the field of technology, proposes how author of articles dedicated to science.

But also in the Hi-Tech world. And to information technology. OK, there is. There is nothing strange and transcendent. Forums also serve this purpose, also serve a create new job opportunities when all other channels fail. And they usually fail.

Experience and learning: the problem is another

The problem is that this person aims to free form. Request to work for free. In the public square.

The only condition is the quality of the portal: it wants to highlight the name, and publish with its own signature. Look for experience and visibility. But posting such an announcement is a mistake. Extremely false. I’m not addressing the forum owners (who might drop a line), but the guy who wants unpaid volunteer work.

This idea of work for free gaining experience is one of them Dead end road. It is a dead end, a dead end. It is a direction that will lead you to defeat.

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Working for free doesn’t mean begging

I fully understand your need to work for free. Or rather, I understand your need to to experience. I too have lent my skills for free and soon.

So without receiving any compensation, but only to advertise myself. I do this when I know I can have a return. Many people say: “You don’t make a living with visibility”. When you are independent, yes you really need it. But you have to focus on the right channels.

You cannot and should not work for pinco pallino for free: you must search for a name that allows you to highlight your profile. And you have to use it to reach people interested in your skills. But you don’t have to minimize your request in public.

You sell yourself

I understand your point of view but in front of most people you only communicate one message: “Please let me work for free”. This is not a good way to start yours professional career. Maybe you should start to think differently, and maybe open a VAT number to offer you the best.

You attract bad guys

This is the major problem. On the net, there are a lot of people looking for manpower at low price, and is constantly on the lookout for similar ads. No fame, no visibility: only promises and a lot of work to be done. Without receiving compensation.

You are doing bad publicity

On the web, everything is based on the authority of its name. A name which must be synonymous with reliability, professionalism and competence. If applicable associate with a request like that you are going in the opposite direction and contrary to common sense.

So there is no solution? How can an individual find a good platform to do live, shape the portfolio and start collaborating with a stimulating reality? Either way, the solution to working for free is there, don’t worry.

Work for free: with your head held high. Always!

You need to start organizing your network and you should always do it with your head held high. Like, how? In the first place start a blog. Create a place to gain experience and find visibility. Cultivate it.

Support this adventure with the right social networks: they are essential to have visibility and to work for free to gain experience. To collaborate with portals that give you visibility use the private form. Contact directly, use face to face.

Simply put, it sends emails to individual bloggers. Write to each author and leave your request. With honesty and simplicity. Above all, use forums to create the necessary authority for your first and last name. People should trust you right away.

Work for free to gain experience

We web workers we don’t need to work for free. We want the money. Indeed, we want a Marx 2.0 (best 3) that awakens class consciousness and unites the proletariat under the banner of post-communism to fight against post-capitalism.

Work for free to gain experience

I work, you pay. End of the story. But I assure you that you can work for free and earn. Even more than 50 cents per item. Here is the little manual born from my personal experience of volunteering without pay:

1. Advertising

The first condition for accepting free jobs is simple: The advertisement. Through free work I must be able to highlight my name, highlight my data and the link to my blog. Or on my Linkedin profile.

There should be no obstacle between my professional figure and the name of the work that has just been done: the road it must be clean, slowly. I work for free as a volunteer, you make me The advertisement and you don’t take credit for my work.

2. Quality

Imagine a scale to measure the quality of the work. You are at point 3 (let’s do 3.5) and to justify a free job, you must aim for number 4, or number 5. Maybe 6 is too far, but do not be afraid: throw your heart over the obstacle.

to win
Earn and work for free.

You have to aim high, you have to look to the resources they have numbers you don’t have. Only then will you be able to work for free to gain experience.

3. Stress

Sometimes people they pretend not to understand. You agree to write an article every now and then, advertise your name, and find yourself in the midst of an editorial staff with two articles a week to write with a specific style. And without burrs.

There are many formulas to work for free. I only accept those who respect my person, who do not exaggerate and do not use their name to turn a casual collaborator into a full time worker. Obviously not paid.

4. Commitments

You have found a great opportunity to advertise on a platform qualitatively advantageous. Do you accept right away or do you take the time to think it over? I say the second, because there is another point to assess.


A professional who puts aside his commitments to work for free he is not a real professional. You have to choose, you have to take a path and follow it to the end: neglect the customers, however small they may be.

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Do you want to work for free to gain experience?

In a web more and more centered on the person, on the qualities of the individual author, one cannot come up with such a request. Work for free can have positive consequences, but only if you aim for quality. Do you agree?

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