How to use YouTube wisely?

How to use YouTube wisely?

YouTube appears to be the panacea for visibility on the internet. But how do you get the video you post to acquire it and be referenced? A few tips.

  • YouTube has a total audience of 2 billion monthly users.
  • In France, 46 million active users visit YouTube every month.
  • In one year, the number of YouTube channels generating 6-figure monthly revenue has increased by 40%.
  • This year, YouTube enabled brands to increase their brand awareness by 14%.
  • 500 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute.

Internet users use YouTube to watch videos which is the 2nd largest search engine after Google. It is obvious that it seems wise to take an interest in it.

In 2020, as in recent years, YouTube owes the rise in its statistics to permanent video creators. In one year, the number of YouTube channels generating 6-figure monthly revenue has almost doubled, with an increase of 40% according to the Branddwach site. On average, a video creator whose channel is followed by 500 to 5,000 subscribers earns € 260 per video. For an influencer whose number of subscribers exceeds 500,000, the remuneration per video can climb up to 3,200 € according to Omnicore Agency. Nevertheless, the monetization of views remains a minority lever for video creators wishing to earn income from YouTube. The platform thus indicates that it pays each video creator around € 0.40 for 1,000 views.

The new rules for using You tube from June 1, 2021

On June 1, 2021, You Tube will update YouTube’s terms of use to expressly prohibit the collection of any information that could identify a person without their consent, and to specify how You tubes Content on the Service.

Right to monetize

You grant YouTube the right to monetize your Content available on the Service (such monetization may include the display of ads on or in the Content, or the charging of user access fees). This Agreement does not entitle you to any payment. From June 1, 2021, all payments that you may be entitled to receive from YouTube under any other contract between you and YouTube (including, for example, payments under the Partner Program YouTube, subscriptions to channels or Super Chat) will be considered royalties. If required by law, Google will apply withholding tax on these payments.

Criterion 1: The content and the title and subtitles of the video, the priorities

The content of the video must be carefully prepared but special attention must be paid to the title because it also captures the attention of the user, the description, the category and the tags which are the tandems of the setting. line. Don’t overlook captions because they help search engines understand the content of the video better and improve SEO as a result.

Criterion 2: keywords (tags)

The tags must be entered in order according to the most searched. Do not multiply them without coherence of meaning with the video because they may harm the impact of the major keyword. Warning ! Do not confuse the theme and the keywords: the keywords must be chosen wisely and directly related to the theme of the video. In addition, you must include them both in the title and in the field for keywords. Not only do keywords allow you to gain visibility on YouTube, but they also give you better visibility on the Google search engine. The impact will be that your video will appear at the top of the Google SERPs as soon as an Internet user types in the keywords that match their search.

Criterion 3: writing the description

The description is no longer than 300 words and should match the content of the video. It allows both Google and the Internet user to understand the content of your video and therefore to be better referenced. For more credibility, do not forget to include a link to your website or to your pages on social networks that will promote you.

Criterion 4: The miniature

The thumbnail should match the content. In most cases, it is the first contact Internet users have with video. You can select 3 from the thumbnails offered by YouTube or download a personalized one.

Criterion 5: The commitment link

Responding to comments and encouraging Internet users to give their opinion have a certain influence, as do the number of likes and dislikes.

Criterion 6: duration

A 1 minute video is better positioned than a 10 minute video.

Criterion 7: social networks

The number of shares can influence the number of links and views in addition to a possible buzz. Allow your fans to share your video quickly and easily by including it on social networks like Twitter, Facebook or Google+ but also on your blog or website.

Criterion 8: the category

Each online video on YouTube is arranged in 15 categories (News, Animals, Sport, Beauty etc.). Choose the category carefully to have more credibility.

Criterion 9: the hashtag

A hashtag is a metadata tag used on the Internet that allows content to be tagged with a keyword. On YouTube, hashtags make it easy to find videos. You enter your hashtag into the YouTube search engine and you’ll see a results page pop up that has your hashtag embedded. The results page will contain the most popular videos for the searched hashtag as well as the most recently uploaded content. If you want to embed a hashtag in your video, you can only do so in its title and description. Indeed, no hashtag apart from the title and description is possible.

Be transparent and loyal

Believing that dubbing a YouTube video guarantees it more visibility is a manipulation that you should better avoid because it may harm you. Indeed, YouTube has a filter capable of measuring the exact size of videos in bytes and their durations in milliseconds. A second filter allows it to detect copies based also on size and duration. Difficult then to escape the surveillance of YouTube. Your best bet is to stay transparent and produce good content.

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