how to use it in your digital marketing strategy

how to use it in your digital marketing strategy

the social networks are an essential element of any digital marketing. This forces brands to constantly be updated on which ones are trendy and the type of audience behind each one. Facebook, Instagram and TikTok had their moments of glory, and although they continue to grow, especially TikTok, now ClubHouse is coming. We explain in this article the advantages of Home Club and how to integrate it into your marketing strategy.

ClubHouse how to use it in your digital marketing strategy

ClubHouse advantages for companies

ClubHouse is a social network created for iOS devices, so it’s not available for Android at the moment (but we expect it to be soon). One of its strengths is that it sits between a radio show and voice chat, allowing users to join in real-time conversations, either as a participant or as a listener. Or in other words, it’s a social network with audio rooms. But what advantages can a social network of these characteristics have for a company?


In addition to being an application reserved for users with an iPhone, accessible only by invitation. In other words, only users who are already inside can send invitations, which are limited. By this we mean that thanks to ClubHouse, you can reach a very small audience with a concrete and specific profile. Plus, the fact that it’s so exclusive makes it a lot more appealing.

Live content

ClubHouse content is live and ephemeralbecause conversations cannot be saved or shared on other networks. This means that only those who are online and in that particular room will be able to listen to or participate in it. Users who are not logged in will lose the opportunity to find out what is going on.

Creation of audio content without big investments

All you need is an iPhone and an invitation to access this app and create or consume content. This means that brands that manage to be present in ClubHouse do not need to invest in recording equipment.

Empathy and closeness to the public through conversations

Live conversations bring your brand closer to your audience than any other type of content. Normally, people can speak in small numbers, but you can “raise your hand” to ask to speak. But even though everyone present cannot speak, being in a real-time conversation generates greater empathy and closeness to the speaker, since everything is supposed to be spontaneous and more natural.

More likely to go viral

Within such an exclusive social network, it is much easier to market yourself and go viral. For this reason, many brands want to be within ClubHouse, because other social networks like Instagram or TIC Tac They are very crowded and it is very difficult to stand out.

Tips for integrating ClubHouse into your marketing strategy

While accessing ClubHouse is not easy as an invitation is required, if you have the option, you should consider the following:

Invite your team members to participate in rooms or conversations in your area

Take advantage of the fact that you are inside so that your team members also come in and participate in rooms or conversations in your area. Through interesting conversations, you can attract potential audiences and gain brand awareness.

Organize sessions by answering questions from your audience

So that the audience can feel part of the conversations, answer your questions in just a few sessions. Allowing them to talk, ask questions and give their opinion will bring you much closer and give you a lot of information about what is expected of your product or service.

Sponsor events in third-party venues

Take advantage of sessions organized in other rooms to sponsor your branded events. Of course, do this in venues where there may be an audience interested in this type of event.

Create informal conversations on a topic of interest

One of ClubHouse’s strengths is spontaneity, something that gets lost on other social networks, even podcasts. So try to look natural and show your more human side through those real-time conversations to make the public trust you more.

Show what is behind your business

Any topic can be discussed in the rooms, but we advise you to try to explain what is behind the brand and open it fully to listeners. Talking about upcoming projects, about daily life in the company, about your way of working… This type of information is generally very interesting and is a way of opening up.

It’s a good alternative to corporate podcasts

Being in ClubHouse doesn’t mean neglecting other social networks or stopping posting other types of content. In fact, if you are planning to dive into the world of podcast you can test the audio format working through this app.

You must have consistency in your content

To stand out and be known, you must create content regularly. Even though it can be in a few specific days and a specific time slot, it is best to make it much easier for users, especially the more loyal ones.

Be aware of trends

Although ClubHouse is an application that has had great popularity, especially due to its exclusivity and difficult access, it is still too early to tell. what will be its growth and if it will really manage to make a dent in the world of social networks just like they did on Facebook, Instagram or TikTok, among others.

Despite this, it is worth a try as this is a social network that is not as crowded as others, so creating great content through these conversations could go a long way.

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