How to use copywriting psychology to sell

How to use copywriting psychology to sell

I demystified the myths of the perfect post, now unbalances another rumor: the web editor should not only know how to write. We must exploit the writing psychology.

Your compelling writing.

What does the use of psychology in copywriting mean? Set aside hypnotic techniques, speeches and persuasive phrases that persuade the user to buy only with the magical imposition good words. Here, he is not talking about tricks but about technique.

You must know your target

The easiest way to acquire audience data the reference is to be part of it.

Join the community you want to reach, insert your voice in the discussions that arise on the web: comments, Twitter, Facebook, Quora.

Don’t be stingy in the conversation, come on all you can. Answer questions kindly and try to be as thorough as possible, especially when you are new to a particular community. You have to build your own online reputation. Participating in the life of your audience is learn something new, collect information on needs and requirements. If you want to combine psychology and writing you have to know the audience.

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Remember loss aversion

If you want to use the writing psychology you have to keep in mind that people clearly understand aversion to losses. This means that they don’t like to lose their possessions. But it’s clear from the start, no one likes to hand something over.

But people, on average, tend to prefer saving to earning. So by loss aversion we mean this tendency to prefer one more missed loss to a possible gain. This is not always the case, it is necessary to study the target.

Social proof and psychology

A principle of social proof can make a good person’s fortune editor digital. Because in this case we are playing on a cognitive bias spectacular: people trust others. If I read the opinion of another professional like me, I tend to be reassured. And if I see so many reviews, it’s interesting.

Use numbers to communicate your authority.

This means that this product is selected, used, preferred. Obviously, the concept of quantity is also emerging in copywriting psychology, which is why numbers are often used in headlines, in big title is in the body copy: allows you to define a volume.

Pay attention to the use of numbers: when we show precise, unrounded numbers, we are communicating the science and respect for details. We give the impression of providing precise, real and precise service. For which we have invested time.

Primacy and recency effect

Whether it is a landing page, nail Sales letter or a blog post makes no difference: people are sensitive to this principle of persuasive and effective communication.

primacy and recency effect
Psychology and writing, the effect of primacy and recency.

Theprimacy and recency effect suggests that people are more likely to remember what is at the start and end of a communication. That’s why, when a waiter in a restaurant lists desserts, you choose exactly what he wants to sell: he puts the most expensive products at the beginning and at the end of the list.

Study the mindset of the audience

In other words, study the reader’s mindset: which people do they admire? What are the core values? How do they look at the world? It’s editorial psychology.

It is not difficult to answer. With Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and LinkedIn, you can take a look at the public’s life without becoming intrusive: there is shared content.

writing psychology
The road to success is full of questions.

And then Google gives you a ton of data on the audience you want to reach. You have to monitor keywords related to the universe you want to study with the classic tools:

All this without forgetting the data that you can extrapolate with the keyword research addressed and directed to others Free SEO tool or less (but still virtuous) such as:

Keyword research is important to optimize a SEO text, but also to understand the target. This way you can get the the readers, by the way: here is the template you can use to finish the job.

Rarity and psychology

It is one of the pillars of the psychology and writing persuasive that allows the professional speech to convince people to take the right action: people are sensitive to whatever is about to end.

So you can use the principle of scarcity, for example, in calls to action. This is when you are about to call the user to perform an action and warn them, for example, that they are alone There are still some places or a limited number of days for the reduction.

Find out the reader problem

People like who understands and solves problems. Therefore, identifying the doubts of your audience means finding the key to piercing the hearts of readers.

But in this way, you can also discover the shortcomings of the competition or an absence of your industry: sifting through complaints and unresolved issues can be a good opportunity to intercept needs, to appeal to new and old readers.

Here is a person who solves the problems.

Use your knowledge to create content that speaks to people, get to the heart of the problem and defuse it. Find the right words to let readers know that you are knowledgeable (are you really?) And that you have the solution at your fingertips.

Create the need for consistency

Know the principle of commitment and consistency? This is a very powerful cognitive bias because it forces people not to contradict:

  • Thoughts.
  • Beliefs.
  • Previous actions.
  • Experiences.

A good copywriter can tap into the need to to be coherent with their actions to obtain benefits and create calls to action capable of making a difference. A clear example of commitment and consistency in the psychology of copywriting?

When you do a job of upselling – so when you want to see something more expensive – remind the user that the previous choice was made for a reason.

If you purchased a service subscription for a reason, always for the same can take a step forward. Because he has a purpose and you have to remind him of it.

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Use psychology in writing

You may need to use tips and strategies to bend the people’s minds and get them to your goal? Would you like to increase the sales with editorial staff persuasive? You won’t do it with pushy communication and persuasion skills.

Everything is done with clarity and the simplicity of form. When you get to know your audience, their needs and the issues that concern them, you have only one goal: to craft a text that can clarify the answers.

persuasive writing

You could take advantage of theprimacy and recency effect to highlight certain points that interest you. Or you have the option to work on the social proof that influences and allows you to write persuasive texts.

Just like when you need to create an effective call to action oi landing page texts. Explain the reason for your choices, show the advantages, speak in simple words, remove the superfluous. Show, don’t tell.

These are the persuasion strategies I use to increase conversion rate, write calls to action, effective headlines, and winning body copy. There are still details to add, don’t you think? Leave your opinion in the comments!

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