How to Upgrade Nikon Camera Firmware

How to Upgrade Nikon Camera Firmware

How to Upgrade Nikon Camera Firmware – Hongkiat

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Like any other device, your camera should stay up to date with the latest firmware (built-in software that controls camera functions). Updated firmware gives you access to the latest fixes and sometimes new features.

In this regard, Nikon recently released new firmware for its Z series mirrorless cameras. In addition to a few fixes, the company has included the eye detection autofocus feature.

To benefit from this feature on your Nikon cameras, you will need to upgrade its firmware. And here’s how to do it – specifically for Nikon Z series models (Z6, Z6, Z7 and Z9).

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Upgrade Nikon Camera Firmware

  1. Go to Nikon Download Center.
  2. Find the documentation for your particular product via the “Search by product name” or “Search by product category“.
  3. product search
  4. Click it Firmware tab where you will find the latest firmware version, and click “Show download page“.
    To note: You will need an update for your camera only if the firmware version listed on it is lower than that displayed on the Nikon website. You can check the current firmware version of the camera by accessing Menu> Configuration menu> Firmware version.

  5. firmware tab
  6. Select your operating system, selectAccept at End User License Agreement and click on “Download“.
  7. Double-click on the downloaded installation file and locate the .trash can inside the folder.
    To note: For Nikon Z users, the downloaded file will be named “F-Z6-V201M.dmg” (macOS) or “F-Z6-V201W.exe” (PC), and the firmware file .bin will be located in the folder .

  8. Eject the memory card from your camera and connect it to your computer via a card reader.
  9. Now copy the .bin file from your computer to the top or root folder of the memory card. Eject the card, then place it back in your camera.
  10. copy file to card
  11. In your camera, click Menu, move towards Configuration menu> Firmware version.
  12. Click on Update, then select YES to begin the firmware update process. (Firmware update will take about 2-3 minutes, then your camera will restart automatically).
  13. firmware update status
  14. To make sure the new firmware has been updated successfully, go back to Menu> Configuration menu> Firmware version to make sure that “C” reflects the latest version number.
  15. firmware update
  16. If all looks good, select “Remove firmware update files”To delete firmware .bin files.


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