How to thrive in chaos

How to thrive in chaos

Doesn’t it make you angry when they say crises are opportunities?

How easy to tell when you are already on the other side and how hard to hear it when your life has exploded and turned upside down!

We live in chaotic times (collective and individual) and unless you got lost on an island in the past 12 months your life has changed dramatically, you have undoubtedly lost some quality of life.

But what is chaos? Chaos is the end, it is destruction, at least in the beginning. Chaos is a business closure, divorce, pandemic, illness or accident, etc. Chaos is disorder, it is instability, it is uncertainty…. and it is all of this at the same time.

Chaos rages on. It’s when life that we believed to be true, stable and predictable leaps into the air, when what we knew disappears. This is why chaos produces anxiety since anxiety arises in us due to lack of security and predictability which, in turn, gives rise to a sense of danger.

Chaos is inevitably a turning point in your life and it is when it asks you to take the reins and move on.

In this episode of my podcast, I explain what chaos means in our lives and how we can really use it not only to survive it, but also to thrive because of it.

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