How to show recognition for the work of employees?

How to show recognition for the work of employees?

One in two managers admit not having enough time to show gratitude to their employees. However, being recognized and appreciated in the workplace is a powerful motivator for employees. There are different ways to recognize the merits of your employees, and thus see them more invested in their tasks. How do you go about expressing your gratitude to your employees?

In the current context, which has introduced teleworking, managers and leaders communicate using virtual tools. It is therefore difficult to take the time to express feelings. However, the latest statistics underline that after these successive periods of confinement 2 million employees are weakened and are in a situation of burnout.

Promote dialogue

Managers too often forget that speaking can be an important motivator for employees. It may be wise to conduct individual interviews each month to directly express how you feel about your employees. Taking the opportunity to congratulate them on their initiatives or their results is highly recommended. Likewise, publicly recognizing the merits of an employee or a team during a meeting will always be well received by all employees.

Reward behavior

Many companies reward the results achieved by their employees in the form of bonuses. However, this system can quickly create competition between employees and harm the working atmosphere if it is systematized. It may be more interesting for a business owner to reward above all, behavior in line with the values ​​of the company. More and more companies are awarding internal trophies to employees who stand out for their exemplary nature and their commitment to them. This is a good way to highlight staff members who will then feel legitimately recognized.

Promote autonomy

Another way of asserting its recognition towards employees is to grant them increasingly greater responsibilities. Delegating important tasks to employees is proof of trust and therefore recognition of their qualities. It is an interesting process for valuing employees and showing the importance given to their work within the company. An assignment to a temporary position, in another sector or abroad, also demonstrates the credit given to them.

Highlight skills

Business leaders should not hesitate to show publicly that they believe in their employees. With this in mind, it is useful to offer certain employees, depending on their areas of expertise, to participate in conferences or strategic meetings. This type of initiative can be accompanied by more regular speeches in the company, during briefings in front of the teams in particular. By relying on the specific knowledge of employees, a manager helps motivate all of his teams on a daily basis.

Involve the employees

All the studies show it: involve employees in the life of the company is undoubtedly the best way to improve the productivity of the company. It is possible to recognize the work provided by its collaborators by involving them in projects beyond the framework of their attributions. By asking them to reinforce teams from other sectors on global projects, they will feel fully concerned by the future of the company. This approach also strengthens the corporate culture and gives employees the feeling of being considered for their fair value.

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