How to retain customers in 2021 ?

How to retain customers in 2021 ?

After confinement, each entrepreneur is in the starking block to resume a much better activity than before. But above all, the pandemic forced us to look at the business world in the past. What can we do at a time when strategies have been called into question by the pandemic? How can I do, today in the age of the Internet everywhere in our daily life, to retain the customers of my company? The goals of loyalty are clear and obvious to your business, but how do you achieve them? What are the new solutions to be implemented in order to succeed in this mission which is still and always at the heart of the day-to-day activity of all commercial, industrial or service companies?

Loyalty in the all-connected era

Companies have always had a major objective vis-à-vis their customers: to implement all possible and imaginable means to retain customers, to attract them and keep them in a long-term relationship. Until then, the means and possible tools were clear and known to all. However, with the advent of the Internet, social networks and everything connected, these solutions seem to be more and more obsolete. Everything has clearly changed since the Internet entered the world of business. Today, it is no longer possible to rely on old methods, on past uses, as the new features available generally supplant all these old habits.

Digital marketing at the heart of this major mission

Obviously, the first solution available to all companies: the digital marketing. Using smartphones, tablets, laptops and all other platforms connected to the Internet, companies can now maintain permanent contact with their respective customers. SMS, e-mails, application dedicated to a particular company, massive use of social networks, all solutions are good for creating this link and maintaining it over the long term. This use of digital marketing is therefore logically part of a desire by companies to retain their customers using 2.0 means, connected solutions and new platforms available and usable by all.

What about the old ways?

After all, although the digital marketing either the number one solution offered to all companies wishing to continue to build customer loyalty using the new technological means available, it is clear that the good old methods are still valid. Loyalty cards for physical points of sale, mailing to customers chosen according to the interests of the company and the aim of the communication policy, phoning to try to seduce hand-picked potential customers… The old methods are still as interesting as ever for companies in search of loyalty, and this for a certain reason: these methods make it possible to be closer to the customer, to stay as close as possible to his expectations and his needs, and this without requiring significant financial means .

So, as a business manager and senior executive, if you are still wondering about the possibilities available to you to try to retain your customers today, in 2021 , take into account the fact that new methods exist, but that the old ones are still proving their worth and that they can be even more efficient than what can be offered to you now. It’s up to you to determine which ones best suit your business, your motivations and your strategic objectives.

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