How to reduce the abandonment rate of the ecommerce cart

How to reduce the abandonment rate of the ecommerce cart

Why reduce the dropout rate of the ecommerce cart? The question is decisive, this parameter allows you to measure one of the most important metrics.

In terms of sales, the abandonment rate (or abandonment rate), i.e. the proportion between the number of people who arrive and the one who leaves shopping rare, is decisive.

Goal of the good ecommerce manager: to reduce this parameter. And get the most ecommerce visitors to start a sales process.

How to optimize and manage abandoned shopping carts? How to improve the shopping cart abandonment rate? Here’s everything you need to know to get the best possible result and Increase Sales of your online shop.

Improve the shopping cart user experience

How to reduce the dropout rate of the e-commerce cart? Simple, you have to make sure that it is suitable for the needs of the modern customer of an online shop.

First you have to make sure that it keeps the products when the user inserts them and then maybe changes the page: it doesn’t mean that he has changed his mind maybe he was distracted.

That is why it is also right to delete any link unnecessary hypertext from the shopping cart.

Rather, it is better to insert a series of indispensable elements such as the one that allows you to change the number of products without leave the cart or redeem coupons and vouchers directly on the shopping cart. In the meantime, it is advisable to take care of everything that allows to improve the user experience not only from a practical point of view.

But the need to take care of the user experience also applies from a technical point of view. As, for example, for the various elements of the Core Web Vitals according to Google.

How to reduce mobile churn.
How to reduce mobile churn.

All this without forgetting that, as it suggests, most of the dropouts occur from mobile. So you have to carefully evaluate the balance and the distance of the various elements on a 4 inch screen.

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Add proper return policy

Do you want to reduce the abandonment rate of the ecommerce cart? Perfect, leave a clear and beneficial return policy on the website. People often decide to leave shopping cart because the return is not clearly defined, doubts are raised. Or returning the product is the responsibility of the purchaser.

Use the lowest price on the card

Do you know why there is a high churn rate on your listing? Maybe you haven’t created an effective description, there are still doubts especially with respect to the price. Pay attention to how Amazon behaves: the lowest price is a continuous leitmotif.

Create a fast ecommerce

A fast ecommerce allows you to obtain a great result: minimize the opportunities for page abandonment. Both for the operations of checkout in cart, the most delicate, but also in normal navigation. Look at the Google statistics: a fast web page greatly reduces the bounce rate, the bounce rate.

Create a fast ecommerce
Lower your bounce rate.

People hate waiting unnecessarily for a web page to load and the same goes for everything related to the shopping cart. You want to make him give up the least possible this process? Perfect, start mentioning the speed of the website.

Simplify your sales checkout

All you need to improve conversion rate and decrease ecommerce shopping cart abandonment: you have to simplify. Eliminate unnecessary steps, form fields that lengthen the process, impediments and unnecessary constraints. For example?

Do you know what is one of the points that prevent you from completing the sales process? There need to register to the portal, this is a reason to leave.

It can be a good technique loyalty but also argue about purchases. So you should use this solution with due care, perhaps as an option.

Use a stable and fast server

A poor quality hosting it tends to go down. This means that you can end up with an offline website and an unavailable ecommerce at any time. What if this happens when the customer is about to buy?

The answer is simple: increase the rate by abandonment of the ecommerce cart. That is why you must work in order to avoid this condition. The step to take is simple: buy quality WordPress hosting (I use Serverplan).

Do you know how ecommerce abandonment rates are calculated? Just divide the number of completed transactions by the number of carts generated by the people who use your ecommerce.

Evaluate the chat carefully

One of the principles to reduce the abandonment rate of the ecommerce cart: make sure that there is assistance when you you manifest a problem or a doubt. In physical stores there is the salesman or the saleswoman who help the customer.

In ecommerce there can be a chat, a window in which the buyer can communicate in order to solve any hitches and complete the sale.

Communicate clear costs in checkout

Hidden prices that are displayed at checkout such as taxes or charges high shipping rates are the absolute evil, research agrees on this. Take the whipe paper born from the survey as an example Sendcloud.

Communicate clear costs in checkout
The extra costs are not a good deal.

One of the reasons that influences theabandonment of shopping cart of an ecommerce is the appearance of extra expenses not budgeted during the online purchase phase.

When a person buys a good, he receives information. Find a high in the shopping cart, for example VAT or Shipping fees: here the damage occurs.

So, to optimize the product sheet and avoid conditions in which the shopping cart is left unanswered, it is advisable to immediately clarify the final price.

Manage shipments better

The data is final: if there is one clear rule compared to everything related to the abandonment of the cart, this is linked to the shipping costs. Do you know that:

“70% are likely to add another product to their cart to reach the free shipping threshold“.


If you delete them permanently you have incredible results i terms of conversion. But if you suddenly add this value to your cart you risk abandonment.

So, as always, the goal is to immediately clarify the surplus due to the shipping cost. And if you want sell more delete completely these extra costs.

Create a secure ecommerce

Do you want increase conversions and reduce the cart abandonment rate? You need to make your website secure. And make people trust your work.

Use the testimonials on your sales page to confirm your work and reliability but also check the SSL certificate: the presence of theHTTPS reassures.

Immediately give the right information to whoever is on the cart of your online shop. This is useful so that people can have a landmark on your page: feeling away from fraud can be a good way to optimize your ecommerce cart page. How to move in these cases?

Focusing on communication. IS adding badges which confirm checks that allow you to have certainties from the point of view of the transfer of money.

Enter multiple payment methods

Do you want to make your online store’s shopping cart work? Add more methods to finish the conversion. Paying must be simple, there must be few fields (the necessary ones) but all the options to conclude the sale.

reduce the cart abandonment rate
What I want to see in the checkout.

In summary, it is better to add common and widely used payment methods such as Paypall: 56% of respondents from Milo Local Shopping expect a good variety of payment options on the page dedicated to the trolley per ecommerce.

Add a chat for information

One of the key points to optimize your ecommerce and, specifically, the cart to summarize the various goods purchased on the website. Having a chat to ask for information directly on the site means solving immediate problems.

All this without going through assistance and wasting precious time. There are problems in passing of the ecommerce cart? Perfect, there are those who solve them.

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How to manage abandoned carts

It is often recommended to work with the retargeting or remarketing to avoid the problem of unfinished shopping carts. To lower the rate of abandonment of the shopping cart I left several tips: do you want to add more?

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