How to prepare for your vacation so as not to leave your colleagues lying around

How to prepare for your vacation so as not to leave your colleagues lying around

In a few days, I will be going on vacation to Spain. I still have some work to do to make sure everything is well prepared.

Typically, someone’s vacation is always a source of trouble. Almost always, a task is forgotten and the watchful colleagues have to take care of it.

It shouldn’t be like that. Holidays have a start and end known weeks or even months in advance. This is something that often surprises me.

Review all the tasks for the week

It doesn’t matter if you post on social media, hand over recurring tasks to clients, or do whatever other task you need to do week after week. All this must be taken into account for the absence. If you are really well organized, don’t start creating a list now because you already have it. It’s always best to have a checklist handy, no matter how many times you’ve already completed the tasks you have to do. Even themes that have been repeated for months or years can be forgotten.

Plan 2-3 weeks in advance

In fact, planning a vacation a week before you have it is already too late. The ideal is to leave the tasks already done. The publications in the networks are scheduled, the tasks with the client are advanced, the reports are already made, etc. Sometimes it can be difficult to fit two weeks’ work into one. It would be the case to be absent for a week. Now imagine that you are going to be away for two weeks. That would put the work of three weeks in a week. If you are successful you really have to ask yourself if at a normal pace you are as productive as possible …

Have a person who takes responsibility for you

The nuance of “responsibilities” is important and should not be confused with tasks. The tasks are already completed. Your vacation shouldn’t place an additional burden on your coworkers. Even so, it is good to have someone who can be contacted if something goes wrong, the customer has a question, etc. At the end of the day, you want to enjoy your vacation peacefully. To do this, you must also have trained this colleague so that she can take care of whatever you need while you are away.

Let the team and clients know about your vacation in advance

If you are in contact with clients, they should know in advance that you are going to be away. Likewise, you need to educate the rest of the business. They can count on you to organize the topics and they need to know when you are going to be and when you are not. Like task scheduling, this should be done in advance to avoid surprises and leave room for planning.

You will find that it is quite easy to plan your vacation well, so it is surprising that so many times things go wrong. Hope we will improve over time. Gradually.

Stay tuned.


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