how to maximize revenue and customer retention

how to maximize revenue and customer retention

Customers are the key to the success of your business. However, today there is a different consumer with greater demands and broader knowledge, who is looking for something more than the best price in our services. And the problem that more and more companies are facing is re-engage customers to buy again.

At Doppler We are in favor of celebrating the love between brands and customers every day to win back those people who are fundamental to the survival of the business. the Valentine’s day now is a good time to show them how much you love them. And what better February 14 to reawaken or re-motivate this commitment to your brand?

Check out some Re Engagement strategies to retain your audience and win their hearts forever!

What is Re Engagement?

If you are wondering what Re Engagement is, it is based on a Marketing technique that has two courses of action; on the one hand, reactivate contacts who have been inactive or absent in relation to your company and on the other hand, identify the users that you need to separate from your sales efforts.

These paths involve two essential elements: de-prioritizing the contacts which no longer serve your objectives definitively, while nourishing and motivating those who are reactivated.

It is fundamental understand why a user becomes inactive; some could be:

  • Loss of interest in the content you offer.
  • Loss of interest in your product or service.
  • Loss of interest in the brand.

It may happen that the indefinite repetition of the same content generates saturation and consequently, total or partial loss of interest in your brand. This is something you should avoid!

The importance of Re Engagement in the overall marketing strategy

The customer purchase

will always be one of the main objectives of companies, which is why the Inbound Marketing This is one of the preferred techniques for increasing the number of prospects.

On the other hand, the customer loyalty It is one of the best indicators to measure the reliability with which your company provides its services. Brands tend to focus on getting new customers, but they forget the importance of working with the ones they already have. This is why Re Engagement campaigns are an ally that brings great benefits:

  • Better metrics, because your audience will be more active.
  • It can be a economic savings.
  • Help clients to move forward in the purchasing process, realize it recurring purchases.
  • Maximum customization public.
  • Brand recall.
  • Increased conversions.

Here is some effective re-engagement techniques to apply in your company and win back your ideal clients.

1. Create a loyalty program.

The Loyalty programs It is a set of actions aimed at stimulating and retaining customers with the aim of increasing the number of products purchased. In turn, they intend to establish a high level of customer loyalty, providing them with more satisfaction and value. They are based on the belief that keeping a client costs less than getting a new one and that the best customers are the most profitable.

There are different types of programs, so it’s critical to find out which one is best for your business and your customers’ needs.

2. Bet on offering meaningful and valuable content.

“To sell, you must first create value.” Therefore, it is essential to use the Content Marketing to offer the user content that really interests them. For example, if you have a brand of hair products, in addition to offering your products, you can include content on hairstyles, hair care routines, color and fit trends, tips, and more.

Content marketing is a way to generate re-engagement engagement with your target audience and grow your network of prospects and customers.

3. Make your customer feel like their opinion is valuable through surveys.

A great way to make your customers fall in love is to let them know that you are listening to them; that way, they are more likely to become frequent customers.

the polls They can help re-engage people, strengthen the relationship you have with them, and demonstrate the value your business places on their comments and opinions.

This technique helps to retain existing customers and attract new customers, because users feel part of your brand and will love to know their review is useful.

By understanding your audience better, you can fine tune the service to make everyone happy and make them want to buy or recommend your brand again. What are you waiting for to implement this valuable tool?

4. Create a sense of belonging through a community.

The community Make the case that consumers are lovers or fans of your brand and become loyal and repeat customers. These groups produce a sense of belonging among people who not only have common interests, but also similar behaviors, opinions and values.

With this powerful Re Engagement technique, you will be able to get customers to wear your brand’s banner and be active with it, either by commenting on social media, recommending it to others, etc.

For example, the fact join a mailing list It can be understood as belonging to a community of like-minded people, but a group on social media, an online forum, or a membership on the site will encourage interaction with each other.

5. Encourage buy-back through creative promotions.

Customers already know your brand and are interested in the products you offer, they just need a boost to keep coming back. A promotion is not just a reductionInstead, it involves encouraging the purchase of a product in the short term through different strategies. If this technique is your favorite, you can take the opportunity to stand out and offer attractive and creative promotions:

  • Give them a gift.
  • Refund offers.
  • Product test with price reduction.
  • Commemorative packaging.
  • Contests, prizes and raffles.
  • Promotional items.

And what about Re Engagement in Email Marketing?

Are you losing interest from your customers and your metrics have declined? We show you some Engagement strategies to apply to your emails and don’t go unnoticed.

To run an effective re-engagement campaign, the first and most important step is detect what are your Inactive subscribers and segment them.

You can do this by identifying people who haven’t responded, opened, clicked, or interacted with a sent campaign in the past 6 to 12 months.

An inactive subscriber is not only the user who doesn’t open our emails, but also the one who opens the email but never clicks any links or makes a purchase.

  • Send a personalized message.

Using a person’s or collaborator’s name and not your brand name is a very useful strategy and a good way to get the user to open and read the message. A good deal This can cause the client to interact again or wake up an inactive subscriber if worded correctly.

Remember to do A / B test to measure their effectiveness and determine which one is best for your audience. We leave you some ideas to apply in your business:

  • We miss you, [[[nombre]]]
  • You are there?
  • It has been a long time, [[[nombre]]]
  • [[[nombre]]]we offer you a% discount on your next purchase
  • Is it goodbye?
  • [[[nombre]], please come back.
  • Implement behavioral automations.

Set up a Automation flow Email, which will allow you to reach the right Subscriber at the right time with a personalized message.

For example, you can create 3 Re engagement emails that are sent out every 7 days. If the subscriber interacts with one of them, they will automatically be associated with a list of subscribers and will receive a discount or other type of incentive in return.

Conversely, if a subscriber does not engage after these 3 emails, you can send them to an inactive list.

Re Engagement: It’s just the beginning!

Existing customers who have chosen your brand in the past are extremely valuable – don’t leave them on the road! Apply different Re Engagement techniques to get them to interact with you again and end up buying from you.

We want to help you successfully implement them in your strategy, which is why we invite you to relive the Free Online Conference “Valentine’s Day 365: fall in love with your customers every day of the year“So that you learn how to make your audience fall in love and generate long-term relationships.”

Re Engagement

If you really want to be romantic with your clients, we are waiting for you!

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