How to integrate Pinterest into your marketing strategy

How to integrate Pinterest into your marketing strategy

If you still think Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram are the top social networks, think again. Integrating Pinterest into your marketing strategy is now a must. So you are interested, you should get acquainted with this platform as soon as possible.

All statistics show its potential. Pinterest Pins are 100 times more shareable than a tweet. And their lifespan is 1,600 times longer than a Facebook post.

But what is Pinterest? Many believe it is this platform where people plan unrealistic weddings. And the truth is, its users don’t just dream of this sort of thing. They also research recipes, design their homes, learn from thousands of activities and find all kinds of inspiration.

The platform already has more than 75 million ideas.

Integrating Pinterest into your marketing strategy will allow you to show potential customers examples and ideas of how your product or service will help them. In fact, when looking for solutions or inspiration, they will turn to this platform. And the most logical thing is that they find everything inside.

However, you need to have a strategy for your pins.

Benefits of integrating Pinterest into your marketing strategy

At the user level, Pinterest is interesting because it allows access to different visual references on any subject and is an undeniable source of inspiration. Without a doubt, this platform is very interesting. the infographics, for example, they are one of the key resources that educate users the most.

However, what’s really interesting about integrating Pinterest into your marketing strategy is the benefits it can bring to your business:

  • It will help you promote all your products and services in a less intrusive and original way.
  • You will be present on a platform where a large part of your potential audience travels.
  • produce inspiration. And as such, it will be easier for you to stay on the minds of users.
  • You will obtain, in a simpler way, a superior organic positioning.
  • Too, you will drive traffic to your blog or website.
  • You will have access to statistics, analyzes and graphics with the scope of your cards and pins.
  • You also have the option of using different tools that allow users to access your Pinterest profile through i plugin for WordPress.

This platform currently exceeds i 200 million users monthly. Its potential becomes more than clear.

But what part of your potential audience uses Pinterest?

But what part of your potential audience uses Pinterest?
The first step to integrating Pinterest into your digital marketing is determining which part of your audience is active on the channel.

Gods 175 million users Pinterest, you will need to know if your target audience matches this platform.

According to the latest data from Pinterest, 50% of those 175 million users also use Instagram. This is a clue that you can use to your advantage by communicating on Instagram the opening of your profile on this platform. This way you will get a large part of your community to relocate there.

Too, 70% of the Pinterest community is femaleSo here’s the second clue as to what kind of content you can share. Or at least, research what impresses your female community the most.

Finally, the average age of users of this application varies between 18 and 29 years old. Group several Millennium.

So, now that you have some general metrics about the audience for this platform, how do you know if it’s really worth incorporating Pinterest into your marketing strategy?

Consider that if your target audience is predominantly female and many of them are Millennials, it will make sense to start investing in this channel.

From there, all you have to do is get to work.

But which category is the Pinterest community most interested in?

But which category is the Pinterest community most interested in?
Having information on the most popular categories in the social network will make it much easier to determine what actions to take for your business.

A Pinterest study from the University of Minnesota points out that the most popular categories are divided by gender. Especially since women are the ones who use the platform the most.

But that doesn’t mean men don’t use Pinterest. The same study ensures that the number of male users who have registered on the platform has doubled.

In the image you will find a short list of the most successful categories. These include food and drink, decoration, fashion, weddings, design, hair beauty, art, humor, kids, etc.

Marketing on Pinterest

Marketing on Pinterest

1.- Define your goals

First of all, to incorporate Pinterest into your digital marketing strategy, you need to read infographic tips. They will help you every time you create content.

From there, you’ll have to move on with your channel and actions.

First of all, as always, it is essential that you define the goals that you want to achieve through this platform. Could:

  • Get your brand awareness.
  • Get web traffic.
  • You will improve your return on investment. This is perhaps the most ambitious goal. But that doesn’t mean you can’t do it. The moment you gain some presence and a large community, you will improve your ROI.

2.- Verify your account and enjoy the traffic

Check your account and enjoy the traffic
As in the other social networks, Pinterest also offers the possibility to verify an account in the section Pinterest for business. It is very important that you take care of each and every aspect that the app shows you to verify your account, as only verified ones can access the analysis.

And not only that, those with verification are more visible in search engines. Although there are other ways to drive traffic to your website from Pinterest as well.

For example, each image or pin lets you directly include the website it came from. This is why it is important that any content you upload to the platform is related to a landing or your website.

3.- Create a calendar and organize your content

Create a calendar and organize your content
Like other social networks, to integrate Pinterest into your marketing strategy, you will also need to create a content plan that will help you organize your activities.

Above all, be consistent. And for that, we recommend that you follow some of these organizational tips:

  • Daily tasks. View notifications daily, complete dashboards, interact with your followers, and more.
  • Tasks to be performed with a certain frequency. Connect with Pinterest followers on other social networks and vice versa, create new boards, search, get inspired, and more.
  • More sporadic work. Creation of special campaigns, promotions, contests, etc.

4.- Learn how to create valuable content

Valuable content is not commercial content. And when you integrate Pinterest into your marketing strategy, you need to know the difference between the two concepts.

It makes no sense that you are only using this platform to share images of your products and services. It can be too aggressive and even annoying for your community.

You have to bet on creating new and valuable content that complements your business.

5.- How to manage the tables?

Your feed is also important on Pinterest, which is why you need to be very clear about the type of board you’re going to create. Although the best is to develop more and more content on the social network. Then you will see what users like the most.

  1. Collaborative advice. They are known to allow editing and management by several people at the same time. This is ideal if you want to encourage participation from your community.
  2. Board Map. They allow the geolocation of different pins on a visual map via Foursquare. For this to work you will need to include the pins first and then click on “add a location”. It is particularly oriented towards the tourism sector.
  3. Own content maps + inbound traffic. These are the pins on your web page. That is, content that will direct the user to a specific landing.
  4. Table of own content or other people + external traffic. Here the pins have a URL that directs the user to an external page.

6.- Personalize your covers

Pinterest is one of the most visual platforms out there. And as such, you can’t afford to overlook the first impression users will have. Therefore, incorporating Pinterest into your marketing strategy will be a good idea.

The first thing a user will see will be your tables, so you should play with spaces to attract and maintain them.

7.- Is there a tool that simplifies analysis and monitoring?

  1. Pinterest Alerts. Indicate which users clicked from your website, via the alerts you will receive in your inbox.
  2. Tail wind. Its free version will allow you to access your data disciple more reliable and on your most successful brooches and boards.
  3. Viralwoot. Using this tool, you can promote your Pins.
  4. Buckle88. This paid application will let you know different influencers will give you visibility.

8.- App to create content

  1. Quozio. Ideal for creating images with texts.
  2. Pinstamatic. It is a very simple application to create different image formats and add them to your tables. For example, with just one click, you can convert a tweet to an image.
  3. Can go. Without a doubt one of the quintessential apps with all kinds of help.

Overall, incorporating Pinterest into your marketing strategy is a great idea and has proven successful; you want your brand to be present on social networks through targeted advertising with a high conversion rate? At Antevenio, we can help you.

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