How to improve your natural referencing?

How to improve your natural referencing?

The natural reference or commonly called SEO is a technique to increase your visibility on the Internet. This technique will allow you to be the best placed on the search engines, in particular Google. Google represents 93% of queries entered in France and 91% of searches are limited to the first page. This is why it is essential to use SEO to increase your business.

The objectives of SEO

There are over a billion websites and the only way to make it sure you visit is by using the natural reference. It is not the design of your site that will make its notoriety, but its referencing. Thus, to attract Internet users to your site, the better positioned on the first page of Google. You have two solutions available to you:

  • Either you spend your money to appear in sponsored links which are caused to disappear when you stop paying
  • Either you optimize your pages and your content with a SEO strategy

Thus, the second choice is essential. With natural referencing, you will develop a panel of objectives:

  • Increase the visibility of its website
  • Increase and generate traffic
  • Generate ROI (Return on investment)
  • Increase the number of prospects

The importance of keywords

To have effective and efficient SEO, useful and relevant content is necessary. The keywords are the perfect way to attract your target on your website. They are a link between what people are looking for and the content you offer. The main objective is to generate natural traffic. But how do you choose the right keywords? To find them, you have to put yourself in the shoes of your audience, that is to say, ask the questions that they may ask.

Good keywords are usually designed as a sequence of words. They are the middle ground between a specific keyword to answer the Internet user’s request, but also generalist to be the object of a large volume of research. The key is to find phrases that are comparable to your keyword and broaden it to increase your SEO reach.


The use of Netlinking aims to set up inbound links, called backlinks, on your website. All this with the aim of increasing your number of visitors or customers, with good SEO. But what does this really represent? Concretely, a netlinking campaign is getting links on other sites going to yours.

But how do you get links for your site?

  • Play your network
  • Obtain links from customers, partners or competitors
  • Exchange links with people from the same industry

What is Yooda Insight?

Yooda Insight, developed in 2014, is an SEO analysis tool. It constantly analyzes 100 million queries or expressions used in France, every month. Which represents 6.3 billion searches by Google. Widely used for its sidecompetitive analysis, it allows you to keep an eye on your main competitors, but also to compare their performance to your own.

The main functionalities

Market explorer

One of the keys to being successful on the internet is knowing what people want, especially your target audience. The Market Explorer feature works as a search engine and allows you to find out what Internet users are looking for on Google, with 100 million search expressions analyzed each month in France. Thus, if you better understand your market, it will be easier for you to discover their expectations and optimize your SEO.

To provide better consistency of information, you can consult the KPI to find out the size of a market. A table is included, grouping together the expressions searched by the Internet users closest to your searches.

Site performance

You want to analyze your visibility and compare it to your main competitors? It is now possible. You can get the content strategy and of keywords of your competitors in a few clicks, in order to outsmart the competition. Indicators such as: the number of searches in 1time Google page, an SEO traffic estimate ect…. are available so that you can improve your SEO.

It is also possible to compare your site with that of the main competitors, so you will collect all this information:

  • The search phrases on which the site is well positioned and which bring it the most traffic
  • The number of times a phrase is searched each month on Google in France
  • The traffic obtained by the site, thanks to its good position
  • The degree of competition

The performance of your site and those of your competitors will no longer hold any secrets for you!


The Leaders feature lists the websites most visible on the market in order to identify your competitors or potential partners. You can search for expressions related to the theme of your market or your target and get a list of the best referenced sites on Google. This analysis allows you to have a better overview. In addition, you will be able to estimate the SEO traffic that they get in order to better position yourself in front of them.

As you will have understood, natural referencing is a major asset for increasing your visibility on the internet. It is necessary to put in place an SEO strategy in order tooptimize its positioning thanks to techniques (keywords, netlinking…). However, tools such as Yooda exist to help you hone your SEO. Indeed, Yooda Insight has an important database especially on the searched expressions allowing to consolidate your SEO referencing.

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