How to improve ecommerce sales thanks to Instagram

Instagram has experienced remarkable growth with an increase of approximately 500 million active users per month, of which 300 million use the application daily. What does this tell us? Well, with this volume, instagram is at the forefront of social media marketing.

More than 68% of Instagram users have some interaction with different and diverse brands. We have to know the types of electronic commerce existing and thus find our market niche.

So, if we know how to do it well, Instagram can serve as a great sales platform, so we must know what metrics are key to optimizing an ecommerce.

Therefore, before talking about Instagram, let’s see a little about what we have to take into account in our ecommerce to optimize it correctly:

RPVs (Average Conversion Rate, Average Order Value (AOV), and Revenue Per Visitor (RPV)) are the three metrics that we must not overlook to do a good job. To know a little more about what we are talking about, we will briefly explain them.

The average conversion rate is nothing more than the% of visitors who become buyers. The average order value (AOV) is the average amount of money that a customer spends when placing an order on our page or website and finally the revenue per visitor (RPV) is the money that an ecommerce enters for each customer who accesses the platform.

On the other hand we must follow these tips. The optimization of the conversion of our ecommerce can be summarized in two main features:

• Acquisition that we can say is where our traffic comes from and we can see which channels work best for us and which ones work worst.
• Conversion that tells us of all the people who visit us how many end up buying.

The headless trade:

This e-commerce platform allows us to be more agile and optimize time and above all to maximize our e-commerce since it separates the user interface (front-end) from the administrative part (back-end). In this way, it allows us to be more competitive and adapt more easily to the demand of our customers.

Therefore headless e-commerce and Instagram are the perfect combination, why? here we are going to give you 5 reasons:

1. Instagram Stories
As you may already know, it is rare for a buyer to purchase an item the first time, but it is easier and more likely that they will end up buying it after having seen it several times. For this reason, this option that Instagram gives us to upload photos to our story for 24 hours is the perfect option to make our products be seen in a more visual and dynamic way than in a standard publication.

2. Influencers

Influencer marketing has become very important as the ROI can be huge. The most substantial thing is to find an influencer that fits perfectly with your store, since this way you will achieve that your volume of followers increases very exponentially, which in this way, your sales will also grow.

3. The “buy now” button
As simple and attractive for your client as that you only have to place the aforementioned button below your publication, the client clicks on it and directly accesses the purchase.What is this easier than having to go to the website? Of course, and that is what it is all about, giving our clients the best possible facilities.

4. Links to history
With this, what we get is a direct link to the article that we have uploaded to the story, this option much more comfortable compared to the previous one, enter the web and go back to look for the article that we had liked until we found it.

5. The visual of the photographs
There is no easier way to sell than with item photographs. They don’t have to be perfect or professional photos, just being eye-catching is enough to attract attention. There is no better way to attract customers than with a striking photo and looking for the perfect hashtag.

Having seen all these points, we believe that it has become clear that Instagram continues to be and will continue to be a platform to which we cannot say no. Knowing how to make proper use of this APP we can achieve much more sales volume as long as we work correctly all the points that we have mentioned. Ah! remember to use the proper hashtags.


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