How to improve community pharmacy in 5 easy steps

How to improve community pharmacy in 5 easy steps

Community pharmacies are on the rise. According to the Pharmaceutical Care Management Association (PCMA), the number of community pharmacies increased by almost 13% between 2010 and 2019. Today, they account for approximately 35% of all retail pharmacies in the USA.

With stiff competition and a growing market, now is the time to focus on improving the performance of your pharmacy. The unique ability of community pharmacies to deliver personalized services can be enhanced through personalized offers and digital tools that allow you to reach patients and set yourself apart in the market.

Here are five steps you can take to immediately improve your community pharmacy.

1. Maintain your relationships with your current customers

As important as it is to attract new customers, most of your business will come from your existing customers.

Prioritizing patient relationships allows you to stay in touch with their needs so you can deliver more personalized care, build trust and increased adhesion through better communication. Having a good relationship isn’t just good practice, it’s also a good deal. Happy patients will come back and recommend your pharmacy to everyone they know.

Leverage digital tools like direct secure messaging to communicate personally with patients without relying on the phone. These HIPAA compliant solutions provide a secure platform for two-way conversations, allowing you and your patients to communicate in real time and exchange private health information.

Personalize your patient contact by sending targeted messages or save staff time and simplify patient contact tasks with mass messaging. By automating and simplifying awareness across multiple platforms, direct secure messaging solutions enable pharmacies to deliver better care and improve patient outcomes.

2. Help your patients manage their health on the go

Customers today expect quick solutions to their problems and prefer to access products and services from home and on the go, even in healthcare. A 2020 study by Accenture found that 62% of consumers would now seek virtual care for medical and health advice and 52% for routine appointments.

The Accenture study also found that while consumers are open to using digital tools to manage health, many still have concerns about the privacy and security of their health information. While 83% trust their healthcare providers, only 45% of respondents trust technology companies to keep digital health information secure. Your pharmacy can fill this gap by using secure digital solutions that keep patients connected and help them manage their health remotely.

Branded health sites and mobile apps allow you to build an online presence and audience while providing safe online care. Designed for healthcare providers to protect patient information, these HIPAA-compliant digital tools combine smart digital platforms with healthcare resources, simplifying prescription refills, patient transfers and refilling. Appointment. Patients can safely manage their medications from their phones or laptops, so they never have to wait for the care they need.

3. Optimize the digital experience of your pharmacy

The healthcare industry is one of the main adopters of digital transformation today. From more efficient management solutions to mobile health applications, it has become clear that the future of healthcare is digital. Community pharmacists now need to find ways to interact and engage with patients online outside of their website. Through digital marketing, pharmacies can establish an online presence and effectively connect with current and potential customers, thereby enhancing the digital patient experience.

The goal of digital marketing is to help businesses stay present and deliver value so that patients become loyal fans and avid supporters.

Digital marketing programs for pharmacies bundle everything you need from reputation management to paid advertising support. They support efforts like monthly newsletters, social media marketing, and tracking and measuring your different campaigns to see what works and what doesn’t. They may even be able to help you determine where your prospects are coming from, so you know which channels and strategies to focus on to attract more business.

4. Give every patient and client the attention they deserve

Responsiveness, efficiency and the ability to keep important business and pharmacy information accessible and up to date are all part of a successful patient-pharmacy relationship.

Focus on improving the quality of your patient relationships by making sure all their questions are answered and directing them to the information they need. If you have a lot of incoming calls, a interactive voice response (IVR) system is an efficient way to manage call volume and automate manual tasks. When you have an organized workflow that directs people to the right information or to the right healthcare provider, you can help them get what they need without waiting on hold.

IVR systems give dispensing pharmacists time to focus on one-on-one interactions, rather than answering questions about basic business information such as pharmacy hours of operation. Self-service IVR solutions also help streamline prescription refills, orders and authorizations, so you can reduce interruptions and increase efficiency while providing secure, quality 24/7 customer service. / 7.

5. Consider an all-in-one pharmacy software solution

As your pharmacy prepares for a digital future, you’ll need to think about how these different tools work together to support your pharmacy as a whole. It is no longer enough to simply offer solutions to digital users. Instead, your ability to create a unified patient experience lies in connectivity, the seamless integration of your tools across multiple platforms.

At Digital Pharmacist, our goal is to give pharmacies the tools they need to stand out from the competition and drive business growth. From cloud-based communication and membership to digital marketing and reputation management, we offer a comprehensive digital engagement suite designed to make your pharmacy sustainable and transform the way you do business.

Our HIPAA-compliant all-in-one solution integrates seamlessly, working with over 70 pharmacy management systems to optimize your performance. We support pharmacy-patient relationships through branded healthcare and mobile apps, interactive voice response (IVR), digital marketing and our latest direct secure communication solution.

To learn more about how to improve the performance of your community pharmacy this year, contact us today or request your free software demo.

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