How To Get Your Readers To Read You To The End: The Ultimate Structure

How To Get Your Readers To Read You To The End: The Ultimate Structure

Guest article written by young Baptiste, Copywriter.

How do you get people to see ALL of your content? (and not just half). That’s a good question.

Because it’s infuriating … You make great content, whether it’s a video, an email, a blog post. But when you post it, you don’t have any interaction. No one comments because no one sees your content until the end.

But you would like them to see all of your content. Because you know it’s really going to help them. And on top of that you might be redirecting them to a product that you are selling at the end of your content. But if no one makes it to the end, no one will know what you have to sell. So you won’t make any sales …

It’s a real shame, because even if your content is good. It won’t have an impact if something is missing.

What if I told you thatcould we use the sale to create great content that will be seen until the end? Because basically, making a content or a sales text, it has the same goal.

Your content you want it to be consumed until the end. And a sales text is used to sell something (or do an action like a listing for example).

But in order for the person to buy, they have to read all of the sales text to have all the arguments and details to buy.

So in sales, we try to get the person to read the text to the end. You saw, the 2 come together. :)

AIDA: The structure for your readers to read you to the end

This is why in this article we will be inspired by the sale so that you make content that is really consumed until the end.

I will show you a sales structure that you can apply to a large part of your content.

This structure can really explode your results because there is a big difference between well-written and well-structured content, compared to content that starts directly with giving advice.

Now i will show you this sales structure that will help you with your content. This is the AIDA structure

AIDA It means …

  • Attention
  • Interest
  • Desire
  • Action

I will detail each part of this structure.

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1. The A of AIDA for… ATTENTION

For people to see your content, you have to attract them. They are not going to come by themselves.

For that you have to give them a reason to see your content. Be careful, you have very little time to attract attention, you need to do it quickly and get noticed.

So you need to grab attention with your title and the start of your content. If you don’t make a good hook, no one is going to see the rest of your content so this is really important.

There are several ways to attract people.

  • You can keep it simple but effective by writing directly what they are looking for with phrases like “how to do x”. So it’s clear, we know why we click on the content.
  • You can also play on curiosity, there are a lot of ways to do it. For example :
    • say something against the grain
    • say something unrelated to your theme
    • something shocking

The person must want to watch the rest.

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2. The I of AIDA for… INTEREST

Now that the person is on your content, you have to spark her interest to motivate her to go further. Remember, our goal is for her to read the content to the end. He must give it a good reason.

For that you can talk about his situation by showingempathy, showing that you understand the person, while saying that you are going to help them.

For example if it is for a diet to lose weight, you can say “you know that it is difficult to keep a diet, I understand you, we do not want to eat broccoli all their life, etc … “.

The person who is in the situation you are describing is going to feel touched. So she’ll want to know what you’re going to say next.

Note: To spark their interest, you need to know their needs and issues. Think about building your people !

The more you know your readers, the more you can help them by providing content that is 100% suitable for them. You can chat with them and take surveys to find out more.

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3. The D of AIDA for…. DESIRE

This part is used to motivate the person to know what you have to give. Whether it’s a product, multi-step advice or THE solution. The person reading must be super eager to find out what you have to show.

Because the mistake of many people … give the content bare, that is, not create interest and desire.

Without these 2 things, the content becomes much less important in the eyes of readers.

The packaging is just as important as the content.

To create desire, you can say what this solution will bring to the reader.

It can be :

  • more money
  • more time
  • more energy
  • more freedom
  • a better body
  • best relationship
  • etc…

All it takes … is that it makes the reader dream. He must imagine his life with all the benefits you give. Of course by doing this, the person is directly motivated.

I think you know, when you imagine your dream life, it motivates you to take the actions to make it happen. Not true ? :)

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4. The A of AIDA for… ACTION

For sales texts, this part is thecall to action. This is where you talk about your product that is the solution.

But for content, it’s different. In this part you will finally give your content.

If it is for example “5 tips for investing in the stock market”. It is here (and not before) that you give them. Only after you have your reader’s undivided attention and are motivated to see these tips.

Your advice will be taken into account more and readers will apply it more. So they will love your content more and more. And will even become fans.

If so, you’ve won it all because they’re going to consume ALL of your content and interact to chat with the person who’s really helping them = you. :)

Now that you have the whole structure, I will give you an example to make it clearer for you.

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Example: create an online business with 5 tips

I will take the one to create an online business with 5 tips.
(the example is a bit cliché but it’s just to illustrate the example)


How to earn x € per month with just one computer?

Note: There is a mixture of curiosity (we don’t know what it is) and a promise that we are already looking for. (earn x € per month)


Maybe you are fed up with your job.
You feel like a prisoner.
You want to quit your job to do something that sets you free.

Note: I describe his situation, the person is intrigued and wants to know more.


Imagine if you had a business that would allow you to:

  • work from anywhere in the world
  • earn more money than in your current job
  • while working only a few hours a day

You will be able :

  • go on a trip when you want
  • fully enjoy your family with your free time
  • spend more time on your passions
  • etc…

Note: I list what the person wants + the consequences that result, so it pushes them to go further. She wants to know how to do it.


Among a multitude of businesses, I can teach you x. Here are the 5 steps to get started easily.

Note: I simply give what I have to give.

Bonus: The AIDA structure can be used anywhere.

It can be used for:

  • a sales text
  • a prospecting email
  • a negotiation
  • a content (like what we saw here)
  • home page

Because it is based on human psychology (which is the same regardless of the situation). Whether it is for a negotiation or a sales text, we react in the same way.


Here, now you know how to make content that will be seen until the end. You know how to make content that is really impactful for your audience. Your content will no longer be forgotten.

But you know what ? By knowing how to do this structure, you already have a good basis for being good at selling. If you do content, it is surely to sell products.

So being good at selling will logically allow you to make more sales. :)

This is what I teach to subscribers to my email list. Jlearn how to increase your sales by writing your texts well WITHOUT forgetting your content.

I think that good content is also used to make more sales, because we are already building a relationship of trust.

So if you have a business and want to make more sales while helping your readers… You can subscribe to my mailing list with this link. I send 2 emails per week with lots of advice (and good humor). Thanks, Baptiste!

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