How To Get A High Return On Investment By Buying And Selling On Ebay

How To Get A High Return On Investment By Buying And Selling On Ebay

I usually talk a lot about Amazon but maybe for the vast majority it is easier to get started with Ebay. Here are some quick tips for earning $ 100 to $ 500 per month.

You may have noticed this already. I like to buy and sell things. I still have product sales from when I started with the $ 1 to $ 100,000 challenge. I have a book ready to take to the post office. I made a profit of two euros. Books and CDs I still have a few. They didn’t cost me anything because they were given to me. It all adds up …

The return on investment of a product that costs you nothing in theory is endless. What happens is that to be fair you have to add the cost of gasoline that I had at the time to get it back. Selling on Ebay is more of a hobby than anything else. They don’t feed me, but also because I don’t spend time there.

I’m just uploading new ads. The other day I did this with baby shoes that showed up after we moved. I sold them at auction for 1 euro because they are still new and of a good brand, but I am also happy to no longer have them at home. This is the second package that I have next to my desk and ready to send. The third is from a large number of toys that I bought 2 years ago. I have a lot of unshipped products on Amazon that can only be sold on Ebay. I have already earned the money I had to withdraw him and I still have a lot of products here. From this sale, I took six euros. It’s something…

Get a product at a good price on Ebay

I kiss. There are two ways to buy from Ebay at a good price. I’ve mentioned this in the past, but it’s always good for you to get it summed up here again.

  • Buy lots: The seller who sells lots is too lazy to sell everything separately. Selling separately is what generates the maximum return. If you buy lots and know what you are buying because you control the prices, you will always have the opportunity to get a good deal. Buying lots usually gives me a minimum return on investment of 75%.
  • Participate in the auction: I often go to Ebay to watch auctions that are about to end. There are some that end with a schedule where there is little audience on Ebay and / or have a bad description and therefore don’t have a lot of competition. In these cases, too, there are usually good opportunities as you can buy products well below market value. The ideal is to buy lots in this way elsewhere.
  • Collect free products: it’s not really buying but it’s even better. Here in Germany they donate more things than in Spain, but even at Wallapop if you start looking you will find things near you.

To get a good product at a good price (or even for free), you have to invest time. Don’t expect to invest 10 minutes and have everything ready.

Get 100-500 euros of cleaning per month with Ebay

Some are generally surprised when I put numbers in here. I am convinced that they are possible. If I were to make a living with Ebay, I could get around $ 1,000 to $ 2,000 from scratch. This is an estimate but it does not seem to be an exaggeration.

In theory, it’s quite simple but you have to invest work and that means hours to achieve it. The minimum you should have is 400-2000 listings on Ebay: these could be books and CDs, but ideally it should be something that has more yield and spin (with books and CD alone, you will not reach these numbers). To find this type of product, you need to do your homework. I also can’t always give you all that is chewed … ;)

In summary: the purchase price determines your profit. For this you need to have done your homework well, found a type of product that has enough demand and supply. Both sides must be balanced for this to work. What you lack in capital to invest you must make up for over time by doing your homework better than others.

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