how to generate traffic with the Google news service

how to generate traffic with the Google news service

Those who work on the internet know the importance of winning over Google to attract more audiences and gain relevance. Who doesn’t want your content to be on the first page of searches?

But it’s not just your blog and website posts that you need to be concerned about.

If you produce journalistic content, positioning yourself well on Google News is a way to increase traffic to your site and become even more competitive.

Learn more about this Google tool and see what you need to do to make your news stand out!

What is Google News?

Google News is the Google platform that organizes and presents news content, always with a focus on originality, reliability and, of course, the search intent of users.

Unlike the blog strategy, in which the focus is on producing evergreen content, here the important thing is to publish content about recent events and news.

Because it is such a recognized company in the market, you can already imagine the importance of having a news story on top of Google News, right?

How does the tool work?

The tool acts as a news curator and presents to readers only those contents that meet all their requirements, which we will present in more detail below.

When accessing Google News, people can see the main news on the homepage, but they can also see only recommendations made based on the interests of each user or search for specific topics.

It is still possible to filter by news from Brazil, the world or local, and also by categories, such as sports, health and business.

How do I appear in Google News?

If you already have the habit of publishing news on your business website, you are probably thinking about how to make your content appear on Google News.

The relevance of the portal is one of the biggest attractions for companies and entrepreneurs who want to reach more audiences and generate traffic with their articles.

For you not to be left out, see what you should consider when publishing the news on your website!

1. Produce news and more current content

The platform’s focus is to deliver up-to-date, quality news to users. So invest in content production that offer this experience to be able to stand out!

In this type of platform, it doesn’t take long to publish on a certain subject. The news media needs to be timely and deliver what is new so that readers have access to always up-to-date information.

Follow other portals and news sites to stay up to date, get ideas and take advantage of opportunities.

2. Create eye-catching headlines and use keywords

Think of a newsstand with several options on display for people. Many editions have the same main articles, after all, they convey what happened or is happening that is important in the world at that time.

Unless you have already gone to the newsstand with an interest in buying a specific newspaper, you will probably buy the one that catches your attention the most, right?

In Google News the operation is basically the same. So, make compelling headlines so that users are attracted to your link and choose to access your content.

In addition, as with all other Google-related searches, be sure to use search techniques SEO and work well at keyword. After all, it will be through it that people will find your content.

3. Produce original content and don’t copy competitors

The rush to publish the most up-to-date news leads some people to just copy content from other news outlets and replicate on their pages. Do not do this if you want to have good results!

Google News values ​​only original content, which really conveys credibility.

Keeping up with competitors is fundamental to your strategy, but copying them will not take your business anywhere, nor will it show what your differentials are.

4. Maintain regular production

News portals need to be updated daily (or as often as possible) to be relevant to the public and to be able to inform people in almost real time about events.

Nobody wants to go to a site focused on news and see only content from previous weeks, right?

To ensure the frequency and volume of publications, you can invest in an in-house writing team, freelance content producers, or even partnerships with people considered to be authorities on the subject matter, which will also help to strengthen your site.

5. Have a responsive website or blog

People consume content on the most diverse devices, so it is essential to have a responsive website.

Thus, you facilitate mobile navigation and ensure that your content is adaptable to different configurations and screen sizes.

Opening an unconfigured page on your cell phone is a bad experience for the user and can make them give up reading your news, even if the content is of high quality.

6. Strengthen your domain authority

Domain authority helps to generate more traffic and attract people, and when it comes to news, it’s even more important.

Especially in the virtual world, where there is the spread of so many fake news, the sites considered reliable and safe are the most recognized and, consequently, are the most shown by Google and accessed by people.

If your website is still in its infancy, patience is required. Building the authority of a domain is a long-term job. However, there are some strategies you can use, such as:

  • getting external links from already recognized pages;
  • partner with experts on the topics covered so that they produce and / or subscribe to their content.

7. Optimize the site code

In order to appear on Google News, the site must have an HTML code organized, simple and direct. The content needs to be in a continuous block without mixing with other content or videos, for example.

Creating an XML map is also interesting for anyone who wants their news to appear in the platform’s feed, as Google tracks the sitemaps as often as it crawls other aspects of your site.

Include the most recent articles in the mapping and update them as new content is added.

8. Meet Google News requirements

The platform requires the fulfillment of some requirements for your website to be accepted.

One is that the site is exclusively news. Many sites have a separate section for news content, just as they have a blog, for example.

But in the case of Google News, the page needs to be fully targeted for journalistic content.

Other requirements are:

  • URLs must be static;
  • the sites cannot disclose confidential or copyrighted data;
  • it must be constantly updated and always with reliable information.

8. Mark your news with structured data

Google checks thousands of pages all the time, so why not give it a little help so that it understands what is being shared on your page?

Use structured data to standardize content, simplify understanding and classify shared information.

9. ALWAYS produce quality content

You do not need to apply your website to appear on the platform, however, remember that Google is increasingly concerned with the experience of users who use its tools.

It is not in the company’s interest to show bad, incomplete content, with dubious sources or that just try to sell things instead of really adding some value to the public.

So invest in the quality of news content to achieve your goals, conquer authority and generate traffic!

Why is it important to optimize content for Google News?

Still unsure whether content is worth having in your Google News feed?

See the main advantages!

More authority

The public trusts news content more, especially when they are on recognized and trusted portals.

Appearing on Google News is a way to earn that trust, as people know that not just any page is shown there.

Targeted traffic

Remember that we said that the tool shows news according to the interests of users?

This is an excellent way to segment the organic traffic of your page and increase your clickthrough rate.

Qualified audience

Because Google News helps segment traffic, you’re attracting a more qualified audience, meaning you’re really interested in what you have to offer.

And nothing better than that to increase the conversion rate your business!

Attract traffic with the right strategies!

Google News is a valuable tool for anyone who publishes news content and wants to use it to generate more traffic and improve their results.

However, optimizing the content to appear in the feed of this platform is not the only strategy to attract people to your website or blog.

Investing in paid campaigns is also an interesting path that can generate great results. Want to learn more about paid traffic? We have selected a complete article for you: Discover 6 ways to make paid traffic and increase the visibility of your business online!

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