How to Fix ‘Index of /’ issue while opening the website?

How to Fix ‘Index of /’ issue while opening the website?

Today in this video we will show you how to fix ‘Index of’ issue while opening the website. By default, when accessing your website simply by using the Domain name (, your website will look for an index.php or index.html file in the root folder (/public_html/).

If those files are missing, you will only see the “Index of /” page instead.
To fix this issue, simply follow the steps below:
Step::1 Login to your cPanel and click on File Manager

Step::2 Now go to public_html and look for index.php or index.html file. If anyone of these file exist then go to your .htaccess file and check file restrictions.
Step::3 If you don’t find any restrictions then simply rename .htaccess file
That’s all!!

🔥 ⚠️ IMPORTANT ⚠️ : Please watch this video if your public_html is absent

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