How to find the subjects to write on this blog on a daily basis?

How to find the subjects to write on this blog on a daily basis?

I have written on this subject several times before. It is worth touching it again because things change. So I have the ideas to publish on this blog.

Sometimes I am the only one who realizes that the published topic has already been addressed another time. In 2012, when I started with the Daily Post, it came up more frequently. At the time, he mostly went into blogging issues in more depth. The goal is to post something really useful for a third party who wants to improve themselves and / or start a blog. The risk I’m taking is already much lower.

Change from marketing blog to entrepreneurial journal

I think that’s the best way to describe it. Years ago, they also put me in a marketing blog ranking until they realized I didn’t write much about it anymore. The blog’s approach has changed dramatically. Now it has become more of my personal space where I think about issues. Some readers write to me that they learn a lot from what I publish and that honestly surprises me because I mainly reflect and describe situations.

It is clear that from time to time I give advice without thinking. It is also true that the things that one has learned and mastered do not matter as much, although they do. With all of the previous things I just gave you before, you should be clear on one thing: I write down what happens to me daily or weekly. Often these are cowardly thoughts that I have in my head. Other times, the idea pops up instantly. In fact 95% of ideas for articles on this blog crop up 5 minutes before you start writing them.

The goal I have for the articles I publish on my blog

I have a hidden agenda. Over the past few years, I have mentioned several times that this blog is for me and that if other people come to read it, they will be welcome. Those who do not like subjects to go elsewhere (as if to waste time with me given the millions of alternatives that the Internet offers).

What has been said above is not entirely true. I will summarize the points from my hidden agenda that I was not clear until now if I had not written these lines:

  1. Reflect and structure the problems I have in mind to shape it (we already had this point).
  2. Describe a process, a philosophy, a working method, etc. that I wish to apply in my companies. It’s kind of a guide that I can send to my team and say ‘look, this is what we discussed the other day’.
  3. Platform to generate leads for different companies. Why am I going to lie to you? If someone comes by and finds out they want to work with me, I’m happy. So maybe there is no lace but nothing is happening. Many of my clients in the past have emerged from this blog.

I would say these are the most important points. There may be more, but they probably relate in some way to the 3 already posted. Therefore, I am satisfied with what has been written here. See you here (or not).

Stay tuned.


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