how to create search engine optimized content?

how to create search engine optimized content?

SEO Writing is another technique that has helped many entrepreneurs promote their business on the first pages of Google. The secret? Good content and strategic writing, designed for search engines.

However, to be successful in this format, it is not enough for the professional to write well. It is necessary to know some of the techniques and concepts that help to position content better in search results.

Even though many people confuse this method of writing with copywriting, for example, there are some very specific differences between one way and another of expressing oneself through words.

Now, if you want to learn a little more about what SEO writing is and its importance, stay with us until the end of this content to better understand the topic!

What is SEO writing?

SEO writing is the process of creating, planning and optimizing content with the goal of appear between the first pages of Google or another search engine organically.

For this, a series of care and measures are necessary so that in addition to providing the information that the user needs, the Google be able to see your text as something productive and interesting for anyone researching a particular topic.

It is one of the main strategies within the content marketing to drive engagement, authority and organic conversions.

Why is SEO writing so important?

Writing with SEO copywriting techniques is important for a number of reasons. The first of these is the ability to compete for the first position or first page of search engines with quality content.

With this technique, it is possible to attract qualified traffic to your website, making lead acquisition more assertive and conversion more efficient.

In addition, it is possible to ensure greater authority within your niche market, by providing quality content and information relevant to your personality. This way, she can understand that you are an expert in the matter and begins to see your business through different eyes.

What is the difference between SEO writing and copywriting?

As much as they are similar terms, the two types of writing are quite different, besides having different purposes.

The first difference is in the consumption of the content. In writing SEO can be found on any website, be it a corporate page or a corporate blog, the writing it will be found in TV commercials, print ads, product labels and landing pages.

So while SEO writing is a writing technique focused on producing informative content and often timeless, copywriting is typically used when the business objective is to generate more sales.

It is important to note that no technique denies the importance and presence of the other. If possible, they can and should be used together for the best possible results.

9 SEO writing tips to rank on Google

So that you can have a content production In accordance with Google best practices, in addition to producing quality content, it is very important to pay attention to certain technical details.

Check out some tips that will help you write better copy and more likely to reach the top positions in Google:

1. Define your keywords correctly

Choose a property keyword working in text is the first element of SEO writing that needs to be defined in order for content to be found by other people.

After all, these are keywords people use when they want to find answers to their questions. Therefore, if your content is written and designed to meet this demand, it will definitely be appreciated by Google.

For example: If you came to this text, you must have done some research related to SEO writing, right? This is exactly the function of the keyword in the context of content marketing.

2. Try to answer your character’s doubts

Just like using a keyword, answering your questions nobody in the text it is essential to ensure the quality of the content and to prevent users from leaving the page because they cannot find what they are actually looking for.

This way, think about interesting topics that the audience has doubts about and look for quick and effective answers to it. Just like we do in this text.

Here we bring you all the relevant points about SEO writing and how to use this technique. Use this same strategy for the Blog your business too.

3. make catchy headlines and meta descriptions

To draw the reader’s attention to your text, it is essential that the qualification and the meta description are in line with the purpose of the text. After all, they’re responsible for getting someone to click on your text and not on competitor’s content.

Therefore, present in a quick and objective manner – more precisely, up to 65 characters – what the user will find within your site in the title. It will be essential for him to decide to access it.

The meta description, on the other hand, has the function of “presenting” the text to the reader and appears just below the title in search results. So, consider developing a summary of up to 135 characters that outlines everything that can be found on this page.

4. Divide the content into topics

A good way to produce effective content using SEO writing techniques is to divide the content into topics.

This is important for a number of reasons, such as:

  • facilitate research to answer the question more quickly;
  • make content more scannability;
  • help to respond quickly and objectively to what you propose to do;
  • make reading content more fluid and enjoyable.

5. Write a good introduction

Much like the title, the introduction of the content is essential in presenting the text and what the reader will find inside the blog.

Its function is to present, in short, what is necessary to answer your doubts and the importance on a given topic.

Taking this text as an example, if you got here it’s because you were interested in what the content promised to deliver. And the concept is exactly that: to show the visitor that your website or blog is capable of solving all doubts in a simple and effective way.

6. Write longer texts

It’s been some time since Google started highlighting quality content on search pages that cover the topic in depth. And, in general, it is not possible to explore a topic in depth in a text of 300 words, right?

Therefore, try to produce longer content, averaging 1,200 words. Texts of this size allow you to explore all the nuances of the theme and answer the main questions of users.

But of course, this is not a rule. Always assess users’ search intent and topic relevance. Some topics require smaller texts, while others, more complex, require more comprehensive content.

7. Don’t forget the internal links!

Another important aspect of SEO writing is internal links, that is, links that lead to other pages in your own domain.

Call from link building, this technique allows users to spend more time on your website or blog, thereby increasing the retention rate and authority of your domain.

Plus, structuring a strong internal linking strategy always helps get your site indexed. Google robots often follow internal links to discover new pages.

Therefore, whenever you post new content on your blog, go back to old posts or pages and try to link to that new text. In addition to retaining users, it also increases the chances of your domain appear on google.

8. Bet on mental triggers

You mental triggers are strong allies of SEO copywriting. Thanks to them, it is possible to engage the reader and explore different feelings and sensations during a content, such as:

  • Emergency;
  • Need;
  • Doubt;
  • Empathy;
  • Among the others.

However, only use this resource if it is necessary for the context of the topic to prevent people from having a specific feeling and the promise is broken by the end of the reading.

9. Chat directly with readers

One of the best ways to be successful using SEO writing techniques is to speak directly to your audience. Just like we do with you.

Do you see the difference when the business puts itself in the customer’s shoes? When using first-person resources, for example?

All this makes reading smoother and makes the image of your company more human in the eyes of these people.

BONUS: Focus on quality content

As we said before, focusing on quality content is essential for those who want to have assertive content marketing and use SEO techniques for the benefit of an action plan.

Nowadays, users are much more interested in knowing what to say and how you are going to impart that knowledge. So don’t try to trick them or surround them for too long.

Write and produce what your business really understands. Only in this way will it be possible to gain the authority and trust of your potential client.

Is It Worth Using SEO Writing Techniques?

SEO Writing is a technique increasingly used in digital marketing, as Google search results have positioned themselves as one of the biggest sources of organic traffic on the Internet.

Therefore, if you are investing in producing content in your business, start applying SEO writing to your texts now. This strategy can help your site to be found more easily by users, attracting traffic and therefore sales!

And always remember that you are not producing content for bots, but for real people. Therefore, always prioritize the quality of the content and try to address any doubts in your persona throughout the text.

These are not the only metrics Google uses to rank sites on the search page. More and more, the search engine values ​​the user experience.

Do you want to understand how this process works and how Google evaluates this experience? So read our article on Core Web Vitals, the new ranking indicators of the largest search engine on the Internet.

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