How to Create Instagram Guides?

How to Create Instagram Guides?

Want to know everything about Instagram guides?

You are in the right place.

Instagram guides are a new way to present content on the platform.

Your content. But also third-party content. Publications, products and places.

Ready? So read on to find out what exactly an Instagram guide is, how to create one, and how to share it.

# 1. What are Instagram guides?

Launched in May 2020, Instagram guides make it possible to share existing content around a specific theme.

At the time and in the midst of a pandemic, Instagram wanted guides to be available for well-being.

Thus, some partner creators had communicated advice and resources to take care of oneself, stay in contact with others or manage anxiety or bereavement.

Last week this feature was globally deployed, offering new opportunities to businesses.

Currently, 3 types of guide exist:

  • Places : highlighting places
  • Products : product sharing (Instagram store)
  • The publications : recommendation of posts (video, image, preview of an IGTV reel or video)

As stated before, you can build your Instagram guides with your already published content or that saved on other accounts.

An Instagram guide includes a title, cover photo, description and set of posts.

When a user taps on a post from an Instagram guide, it will display the original Instagram post.

Instagram guides are accessible on desktop and mobile.

# 2. How to create an Instagram guide?

To create an Instagram guide, head to your profile (and not on the home page), then press the cross +.
Select Guide.

Then, choose your type of Guide.

  • For the Guide places : Find an existing place on Instagram, a place you’ve saved, or a place in your posts. Limitation: up to 5 places.
  • For the Guide products : Find products from your store, from an account store that you follow, or from your wishlist.
  • For the Guide publications : Search among your publications or those you have saved (other accounts). Limitation: 30 publications.

Confirm your selection.

Then enter a title and an the description.

Although the description is optional, I invite you to treat this element as you would an article on your website.

Optimize your title and description for reader and SEO.

Note that you are able to change the cover photo of your Instagram guide, but without using an image from your camera roll.

And that’s a shame because the cover photo appears in a 3: 4 ratio …

The result is far from optimal with publications containing text, for example.

I hope Instagram will improve this point.

If you are creating a Publications Guide, give each item a title. The description remains optional.

By pressing the 3 dots at the top right, rearrange your elements inside your Instagram Guide or delete it if necessary.

For add new elements, tap the + icon at the bottom of the interface.

Once you’ve added all of your content, select following and publish your Instagram Guide.

Congratulations. Your Instagram Guide is now available on your profile through the dedicated icon.

# 3. How to share Instagram guides?

You are probably wondering how to increase the visibility of your Instagram guides, since you cannot publish them in the news feed.

Instagram offers 2 options in the app:

  • Share your guide in a history
  • Share your guide in Instagram Direct

In both cases, tap the paper plane in the upper right corner.


Instagram guides offer several advantages depending on your situation:

  • Showcase old content (including your most popular content)
  • Increase reach, and possibly engagement of your content
  • Suggest a new experience for your customer service by redirecting to native informative content (frequently asked questions)
  • Increase your conversions (products, services, affiliation)

This feature allows you to manually organize already published content, regardless of the algorithm.

But don’t top stories already fulfill this role?

Yes, it’s true. However, there may be a separate use for Featured Stories and Instagram Guides. This is also desirable.

For me, one of the bad practices of brands consists in not applying a “maintenance” of their stories to the front page. Thus, it is not uncommon to find content that is several months old, and therefore potentially whose subject is no longer relevant.

In addition, this behavior generates a bad user experience when the latter “is invited” to watch dozens and dozens of clips.

You would have understood it. The advent of Instagram guides should push professionals to review the editorial strategy of their featured stories in terms of themes and formats.

Your turn now

What do you think of Instagram guides? Which editorial approach will you choose? Share your thoughts, tips or questions in the comments below.

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