How to Create Facebook Guides?

How to Create Facebook Guides?

You may be wondering what are facebook guides, if you can use them for your Facebook page and how to create a Facebook guide.

Do not look any further.

In this article, after a brief definition of Facebook guide, I walk you through everything you need to know about Facebook guides.

What are Facebook guides?

Similar to guides Instagram, Facebook guides make it possible to bring together in a dedicated space collections of publications.

I accidentally discovered this feature two weeks ago.

To date, Facebook has not yet communicated on it and the FAQ does not include any entry for this topic.

I don’t think all pages have access to Facebook guides right now.

Moreover, I do not know if this is a final version.

For example, I can only create a post guide, not a product guide like on Instagram.

Which is curious given that Facebook now generates more e-commerce sales than Instagram. In addition, the product catalog and the store are available for both platforms.

But it looks like Facebook is sticking to post guides for now.

How to create a Facebook guide?

To create a Facebook guide, head to your page and click on the More tab. Select the Guides tab from the drop-down menu.

Then click on Create a guide.


Enter a title and description, and validity.


At this stage, your guide has been created. But, it does not include any publication.


To remedy this situation, select Add a publication to the guide, directly from each post you want to include in your Facebook guide.


Select your guide and indicate a title for your publication.


Repeat the operation as many times as necessary.

Keep in mind that while the guides are visible on both desktop and mobile versions, you can only add posts from the desktop as of this writing.

I don’t know if this will change over time.

To make changes, rearrange your posts, or delete a guide, position yourself on the guide concerned and press the 3 dots, top right.

Then, choose the necessary option.


Finally, you are able to hide your Guides tab through settings of your Facebook page (Templates and tabs).


Just like I said for Instagram guides, the primary use of this feature is to increase the reach of your posts, even when they’re old.

Of course, I invite you to select publications that are still relevant so that your guides are relevant.

When your posts contain a link, you can also redirect traffic to your website or landing page.

Your turn now

Do you access this feature from your Facebook page? What do you think of Facebook guides? How do you plan to use them? Share your thoughts, tips or questions in the comments below.

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