How to create an effective landing page?

How to create an effective landing page?

You have a website or blog that generates traffic, and you are wondering how convert visitors into leads ? The answer is right here: create a landing page ! Indeed, it is about a page having for objective to recover the coordinates (name, first name, email, telephone, field of activity…) of your Internet users, via a form. Of course, you have to offer a value proposition in exchange such as an ebook, webinar, discount code etc. to convince them to leave you their contact details. Are you ready to learn all about landing pages and get our advice? So hang in there, let’s go!

Landing page: what is it?

Definition and examples of landing pages

Let’s move on to the definition of a landing page, according to the landing page specialist, the publisher Unbounce, “In digital marketing, a landing page is a separate web page, created specifically for the needs of a marketing campaign. marketing or advertising. It is on this page that a visitor lands after having clicked on an advertisement, a call to action button or other ”.

The main objective of a landing page is to encourage visitors to take a specific desired action. It is not always easy to follow the many rules for creating a landing page and a web agency specialist can advise you in order to achieve your goal.

We present some examples of effective landing pages:

Source: Unbounce

Indeed, you can see in this diagram the basics of a landing page. Such as title, subtitle, form, CTA (Call To Action) button and description paragraphs.

Ours looks like this:

how to create an effective landing page

It is a landing in different colors from those of the website, which allows visitors to download the 2021 chestnut calendar.

The objectives of the landing page

A landing page acts as a sales representative in charge of prospecting, he is a digital commercial in charge of collection of customer data. It is therefore essential in inbound marketing and in all communication actions (emailing, ebook, promotional offer, etc.). Its main objective is to generate as many prospects as possible and boost the conversion rate of your advertising campaigns. It also serves as a support for your offer, by enhancing the reliability of your website or your products. In addition, it is the most prominent page on your website, throughout the duration of the campaign, so it is the one that will allow you to reduce your rebound rate.

How to create an effective landing page?

Attractive design

First of all, know that your landing page must be aesthetically different from your website. The visual is essential so that the Internet user does not want to leave the page immediately. Know that a successful design is not the one that appeals to you and your team, but the one that will be remembered and will please the majority of visitors. So the design should be clean and attractive and highlight important information. The more minimalist your design, the more the content you offer will be highlighted (this was how the Apple brand works for all its landing pages).

Our advice: don’t forget to” optimize your page for mobile display otherwise you would risk losing a significant number of Internet users.

A clear message

Your title will be the first thing that catches the eye of Internet users, it must be convincing and persuasive, so that the person quickly grasps the content of the page. So work on your taffy, and a little tip: the fewer words it contains, the better! Opt for a caption or a catchy catchphrase that highlights the promise of your offer and also its free.

The content must be seller and meet the expectations and needs of prospects. Don’t make promises on your landing page that you can’t keep afterward.

Promoted Call To Action (CTA)

The title of your button Call to Action (CTA) and the button itself should be eye-catching. Remember to use the imperative and use a bright color to catch the eye. It must be the central element of your landing page.

Your form must fit on the screen so that users are not forced to go down to find it. Also remember that the more information your form asks for, the more information you will get. qualified prospects.

Finally, so that visitors can only focus on the button call to action, you must avoid all the superfluous elements which could distract your audience. For example, external links or outgoing, one navigation menu, a search bar especially.

A thank you page

Finally, it is essential to thank your visitors for their download or registration but especially not to let them go! You have them, so take the opportunity to redirect them to your website, additional content or a contact form.

Landing page design tools

The criteria to make your choice

The landing page editing tools are numerous on the market, it is essential to have a list of criteria to facilitate the selection.

  • Ease of use: Simplicity and efficiency are the key words of a good tool. It must be easily accessible and have an intuitive grip.
  • The choice of templates: The more models, the more customization possibilities there are for your landing page.
  • Features: Check the possibility of integrating tools (Facebook, Google Analytics) or features already present: A / B test where the marketing automation.
  • Prices: This is a criterion that should not be neglected, it must be proportional to your needs.

The tools we recommend

Several tools exist on the landing page editor market, we have made a small selection for you:


how to create a landing page

Unchained leader, Bounce, offers a hundred landing page models classified according to the needs of each one: for the sale of a product, the download of an ebook or simply the generation of leads, and all that without any notion of coding. For the sum of $ 79 per month, for 75 landing pages.


With a much cleaner interface and access for up to 5 users for a price of $ 149 per month. It is however possible to publish only 30 landing pages but with additional functionalities: A / B testing, integration of Google Ads and Analytics, of Facebook.


sendinblue landing page creation

Customizable templates or the possible to manually create your landing page and all this without coding concept, this is what offers SendinBlue. With an interface and support in French are very convincing elements, without taking into account its price of 49 euros per month which offers options such as: emailing, marketing automation, A / B testing … all this gathered in the same place.

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