How to create an effective CTA in an email?  |  Wearethewords

How to create an effective CTA in an email? | Wearethewords

Creating an effective CTA isn’t flirtatious in email marketing. Your conversion rate and the success of your campaigns depend on it.

If he has a Efficient and efficient CTA, email is the backbone of your inbound marketing strategy. This is your first channel, direct and conversational, for change to or micro-convert your audience of readers. Don’t miss the opportunity. We must close the deal, bring the user to the desired action. Your goal is well worth it, whether you are looking to increase your subscriptions, set up customer demos, or drive more qualified traffic to your site. Let’s not be afraid to say it: creating an effective CTA means ensuring part of the ROI of your content marketing


CTA, a brain experience above all else

How to create an effective and optimal CTA in an email, find the phrase that hits the mark, the button you want to click? To hit just right and trigger action, a little brain theory is in order. This is because before being a powerful conversion marketing tool, the CTA is aboutbrain experiment.

And we know it: human attention span is less than 8 seconds and the brain processes the visuals 60,000 times faster as the text. Conclusion? An effective CTA is a CTA that see you right away, reads easily and that clearly says what to do.

The click, a CTA priority in email marketing

By definition, your subscribers are more qualified as prospects than the average visitor to your site. They are hotter, potentially more responsive to your requests, more open to interactions and concrete actions. And yet. Many businesses are not investing enough in optimizing the click-through rate of their emails. The numbers don’t lie: the average email open rate is around 15%, while the Average email click rate is only 3.2%.

Can we reasonably be satisfied with a good open rate? No. The click-through rate provides more information about theintention of our hearings. It’s a engagement metric, much less superficial than the open rate. It is one thing to open your e-mail. Let us go to your landing page, this is another for your conversion potential.

CTA is therefore not the icing on the cake of your email marketing campaigns. This is not the last piece of the puzzle. To tell the truth, it is in fact the first and the sole purpose of your emails. To create an effective CTA: start there and do it by applying good practices.

6 best practices for creating an effective CTA

How to create an effective CTA in email marketing? By applying the few specific optimization rules that apply to this format. There are at least 7:

  1. The position : in the upper third. We get straight to the point, fairly quickly, without drowning the CTA in the middle of a body of text and without burying it just before the footer.
  2. The formulation : concise, clear, with an action verb. “Get”, “buy”, “start” are unequivocal none.
  3. The colour : lively, dominant. Most companies use the same color as their logo which is usually blue – while orange is often a better option.
  4. The form : a button, with slightly rounded corners – we often avoid what is obtuse and the roundings force the eye towards the text inside the CTA
  5. Size : between 47 and 50 pixels high, with a font of 20 pt. CTAs that are too thin that take up the entire width of the screen work less.
  6. Unity of action : 1 email = 1 final objective = 1 click = 1 CTA = 1 time only. This is the golden rule. We certainly do not put several CTAs per email, but it is not necessary to repeat the same CTA several times.
  7. The urgency : An effective CTA in an email conveys an urgent message that requires quick and decisive action. To avoid inertia, bet on a limited, exclusive offer.

Good to know for creating an effective CTA: In an email, it is estimated that a button rather than a simple text / link increases conversions by 28%.

No effective CTA without an insightful email

The effectiveness of your CTA also depends on the overall design of your email. There are certain elements that are crucial in increasing your chances of concluding. The main principles are:

  • A human and embodied message : write in the name of a real person and not of a company, name the recipient personally, mobilize common and localized references
  • Simplicity above all else : a stripped-down, non-flashy email, breathing zones, concise text and thrifty phrasing
  • Interactive and percussive content :

Finally, to create an effective CTA and increase its click-through rate, you have to test and even A / B tester. It is necessary follow the results of its e-mail campaigns and adjust the shot when it’s necessary. Remember: a CTA that works is a CTA that works to achieve your goal.

To think further, download our e-book on e-mail performance : it is full of good practices to maximize the points of contact with your subscribers.

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