how to check the value of this strategy

how to check the value of this strategy

One of the great advantages of digital marketing is the ability to track the return on investment of each action on a day-to-day basis and adjust it as the results arise.

One example is the work of SEO, which, if done right, can bring great benefits to a business.

Want to know if your SEO strategy is working? So find out all you need to know to calculate return on investment SEO for your business!

Why is it important to calculate SEO ROI?

After all, does calculating the return on search site optimization really make a difference?

Here are 4 simple reasons why this is essential to the success of your SEO strategy:

Present the results to managers and clients

Today, no business can afford to invest without be sure of a return, at least one who wants to stay in the market for a long time.

Thinking about this need, it is important that you can confirm the effectiveness of SEO when it is needed, whether for the customers of your organization or even to a senior manager.

Calculating ROI will do just that and keep you and your team doing a good job. without risk of power failure budget or other limitations.

Make better decisions

If not, how will you know if the decisions made so far have been correct and if the techniques adopted have worked?

It is only through a precise calculation of the return on investment in SEO that you will have an exact idea of ​​the evolution of your strategy in this regard.

And is that, for example, if you need increase the number of visits to your website O increase conversions How will you know how to achieve the goals you set for yourself?

The answer is: calculate the SEO ROI.

Earn more money

From the moment you start making better decisions and doing even more comprehensive SEO work, with the goal of increasing conversions, the trend is towards increasing profits as well.

And one thing is certain: SEO is one of the best return investments in digital marketingAs long as it’s done right, of course.

This is why it remains a popular choice when it comes to invest in the Internet as a business channel.

Calculate from time to time how your business can use this powerful tool so important to take advantage of each new opportunity to make more money.

Become an authority on the market

Producing quality content isn’t all that your business needs to become an authority in educating your niche.

And it is to make a keyword research, find the best option among the long tail palabras or head tail and track changes in search algorithms are some of the precautions involved in this.

Ultimately, the organic traffic that comes from search engine What Google has a big impact on getting your content to the right audience and to reach the people who may eventually become customers.

By analyzing your current SEO ROI, you will get an idea of ​​the details that are worth tweaking to get the most impressive results.

Based on this, calculating your SEO ROI goes a long way to show that it’s a great investment would like to help make it even more profitable.

Otherwise, it is impossible to know whether what has been planned and executed is leading the business on the right track or not.

How to prepare to do the math?

Before getting into the calculation itself, you should first prepare yourself to make sure that the job is done right and that the data collected is accurate.

To do this, let’s take a look at four important steps to take before calculating your SEO ROI.

1. Understand what it means to have a good SEO ROI

The role of SEO isn’t just about getting numbers, increasing traffic, visits, etc.

The real goal is to increase conversions and leads. Well, high conversions mean a good return on your SEO investment. Otherwise, you need to make changes.

But what conversions are we talking about? Any action that converts a visitor into a prospect or potential customer. Some examples are:

  • Subscription in a bulletin;
  • download rich documents.
  • sale of products and services,
  • among others.

On each of these occasions, it is necessary to use CRM tools Yes digital marketing automation, to identify if these leads came to the company’s website because of organic traffic, derived from SEO.

2. Choose and organize the SEO KPIs to follow

More than just metrics, it is imperative that you choose the right ones KPI SEO to have a reliable and clear analysis of what is being done.

KPIs go beyond metrics, allowing you to understand performance in depth and find issues that you might not otherwise be able to identify.

Not to mention the opportunities you can find, like small tweaks that don’t require a lot of effort, but make significant improvements.

3. Establish a reasonable period of time before calculating the yield

As with the vast majority of strategies available in digital marketing, it is important to remember that SEO doesn’t pay off as fast.

It is therefore necessary to define a reasonable waiting period, especially if the optimization plan has just been implemented. Monitoring performance month by month is therefore a reasonable option.

But keep in mind that before you think something is working and make big changes, some tactics take several months to take effect. Don’t trust SEO professionals who promise to get you to the top of Google in 1-2 months!

4. Set realistic goals to achieve

Aiming high is different from being realistic. For example, would it make sense to project 500% growth in conversions in three months? Certainly not!

It’s much better set goals that you can achieve and keep doing it as you reach them.

With time, patience and continued work on SEO optimization – along with other actions – it is possible to go beyond 500%, but as long as expectations are met, taking into account the team size and resource availability.

How to calculate the ROI of your SEO strategies?

Now, having “prepared the ground”, we can get down to business and begin the calculation that will determine the performance of your business’s SEO actions.

Remember, the main idea is to see what works in practice, not to measure numbers unnecessarily.

With that in mind, do the following:

Choose the period you are going to analyze

First of all, you need to choose the period you want to analyze to determine the effectiveness of your plan.

Depending on how deep you want your analysis to go, you can even look at different time periods and make comparisons between them later.

But there is a balance: periods that are too long do not give such a complete meaning to specific actions, and periods that are too short give a confused view of performance.

Examine data related to conversions

As we have already specified, what counts in the calculation of the SEO ROI is the conversion rate.

So that’s what you need to investigate.

In fact, having chosen the KPIs in this task will be of great help, as these metrics not only measure cold numbers – such as the number of monthly visits – but in its entirety, each metric helps you see how a certain action contributes. to increase conversions.

Compare the results with the defined objectives

Once the data has been collected, it suffices to make a simple comparison: do the results obtained coincide with the defined objectives?

Answering this question will help you know if the same strategy is worth sticking to – just striving for continuous improvement – or if radical changes are needed.

It’s natural that you always have to change one detail or another, but there’s nothing like starting to plan from scratch.

Want to see an example SEO ROI analysis in action?

See how a single blog post brought Rock reais 2 million in less than 3 years.

Record what needs adjustments

If you find that the results are not good enough to meet the stated goals, dig into each KPI.

By doing this, you will find out what needs to change to make the investment more profitable and achieve what was intended from the start.

On the other hand, if the answer is that the results hit the target, the next step is to explore other ways to further optimize what is already working and to set some slightly bolder goals.

Check your SEO knowledge

Regardless of your experience on the subject or the results you have achieved, you should always review your SEO knowledge.

Remembering the purpose of using it, how long it takes to get results, and the importance of adapting will go a long way in ensuring that your strategy never gets stuck.

And always stay informed about Google algorithms! SEO is always evolving to adapt to user needs, and whoever adapts fastest is getting ahead.

Calculating SEO ROI is key to extracting everything search engines can do for your business. By doing the right preparation, analyzing the metrics correctly, and acting on the data collected, your business has what it takes to be top of the search rankings.

In addition, marketing uses technology as an ally to attract and conquer consumers in a minimally invasive way and meet their needs. Therefore, in In this eBook, we’ll take a closer look at content marketing. and how this strategy can help you increase your sales results. Download it!

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