How to carry out effective meetings?

How to carry out effective meetings?

Meetings whether we like it or not are essential to the life of the company. How to carry out effective meetings? Focus on some ideas to take into account.

Carefully select the participants for each meeting

Ask yourself about the choice of participants: are the participants really and directly concerned by the subject? Would it be more efficient if the information or decisions were conveyed to them through an e-mail report? Avoid wasting time for people who do not absolutely need to attend the meeting. What is the purpose of their presence at this meeting? What value does it bring?

Set up indicators

Do not hesitate to set up indicators which can be by activity or profession but also for the whole company. So you can say that your goal is to reach X turnover this month, to set up a project. But above all, present your entire company in order to highlight the influence of all the poles on the achievement of the result. Some companies do not hesitate to assess the impact of each service on the overall performance of the company and to broadcast all the data live during conferences. So you can showcase the contribution of all your departments to the end goal. It is a way of expressing your gratitude and of stimulating your employees.

Identify the motivation of your employees

It is surely worth repeating to you, but you have to understand what drives each one. Not everyone likes their job for the same reason and money isn’t always the solution to motivate

everyone. You need to be interested in each person and their personal goals. You must support them as much as possible in achieving these if you can. An employee who wants to develop skills, for example? Train him to achieve his goal! An employee who wishes to diversify and participate in a project, arouse his ideas and do not pass judgment without having listened to him.

Listening to everyone

You will not be able to be accessible all the time, but you will have to show that you are available. You too are part of the company and each person is important. Show that you give everyone time and that they can talk to you freely. It is not by locking yourself in your office all the time that you will be able to show the consideration that you have for everyone or that you remain surrounded by your management team at all times that you will be able to know your teams.

Write a report in synoptic form

The report synoptic offers an overview of a situation: facts and actions to be taken. It allows you to quickly view an entire meeting. It requires the use of a precise vocabulary to avoid interpretations. This transcribes about 20% of the comments made and is presented in the form of a table of 3 to 4 columns maximum. It should be written as follows:

  • either in fluent French: short sentences;
  • or in French taking notes (nouns and verbs in the infinitive carrying ideas).
    The synoptic report follows a thematic plan. The topics discussed during a meeting can be transcribed according to their order of importance and not according to their chronology. However, in meetings, where the subject is to analyze a problem, we will preferably use an analytical plan according to the following logic: observation, causes, consequences, possible objections, limits and solutions.

The titles of each part:

  • capture the reader’s attention;
  • structure the report;
  • allow rapid and selective reading.

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