How to boost your lead generation with ABM strategies?

How to boost your lead generation with ABM strategies?

the account-based marketing, or ABM (Account-based Marketing), is one of the most important strategies for a business today. Today more than 94% of companies have an active ABM program.

If you don’t use it, you may be missing out on a significant sales volume.

Marketing strategies have evolved over time. From classic door-to-door campaigns to email campaigns, time and technology are driving these changes.

What are the best and most new ways to increase the lead generation? This question brings us to the strategies of ABM.

ABM is a sales strategy designed to help businesses focus on high potential accounts.

contrary to Inbound Marketing, with ABM, sales and marketing teams work together to create specific messages for each account with strategic importance.

Knowing and implementing ABM strategies will allow us to reach our target audience with more precision and reach.

Given the relevance of this trend, this article will discuss the following topics:

Read on to learn how to use ABM strategies to your advantage!

What is account-based marketing?

ABM is a marketing strategy that focuses on creating highly personalized content for specific clients.

The strategies employed help to solve customer problems and questions and to introduce solutions.

When you approach the manager directly with answers and solutions to common problems, you develop relationships.

Ultimately, these conversations lead to lasting business relationships.

If you have companies that you’ve worked with in the past, you have an established relationship. You’ve probably solved a critical problem or met a special need. This is the main objective of the ABM.

It’s about personalizing messages, focusing on specific goals, and sending out a signal to get attention.

A change in the way your marketing works, driven by ABM strategies, will reduce the overall length of your sales cycle and lead to a higher ROI.

With ABM lead generation, content can be interactive, directed and designed to deepen the relationship with each potential client.

Three different types of ATMs are common:

  • the first, aimed at a conversation with a single organization;
  • the second focused on a few prospects, that is, campaigns for a wider audience with similar needs;
  • finally general campaigns designed to reach a wider range of businesses.

Why use ABM in your lead generation strategy?

There are many reasons to implement AMB in your lead generation strategy.

On the one hand, ABM will help you acpursue and retain customers. If you can market in a way that inspires confidence in your product or service, you are well on your way to realizing some of the benefits of ABM.

With the help of a well-developed strategy, you will be able to develop strong relationships with customers and prospects, and then multiple competitive and marketing advantages will flow from it, such as:

ABM align your sales and marketing teams

In a typical business, the marketing team develops leads. The sales team concludes the transaction.

With ABM lead generation, the sales team and the marketing team work together. Potential customers are developed and sought after.

From there, solutions are created that work for prospects.

ABM can involve all departments of your business, promoting collaboration at all levels.

It involves the product development team and the customer service team, for example.

The more integration, the better, as it allows marketing strategies to be tailored to individual customers, which means more offers and a unified business message.

ABM increases your sales

At first glance, it may seem that the ABM is contradictory. It costs more. Use more time and more resources.

However, the time and resources invested lead to better closing rates, larger trades, and faster trades.

In other words, increased Marketing ROI, improved engagement and a shorter sales cycle.

AMB outperforms traditional sales strategies. the 60% companies that have employed ABM for at least one year increased their income.

How can you add account-based marketing to your lead generation initiatives?

ABM is not a new concept. And today, it is much easier to implement, thanks to the introduction of specially designed technologies, which help companies make better use of their time through the marketing automation.

Additionally, ABM is scalable, allowing sales and marketing groups to target the right accounts.

When you use ABM the right way, your business is more efficient.

Here are some ways to add ABM to your lead generation initiatives!

Identify your target customers

Who is your ideal client? Can you name 10, 20, 50, 100 of your ideal clients? Otherwise, get your sales and marketing teams together.

Make a list of target customers. Imagine if you could pick the perfect customer from a catalog.

Who would this customer be? Take a look at your network. Identify your main prospects. Look at your long-term customers to see if you’ve favored or neglected their relationships.

Tailor your ABM strategies to these potential customers and long-term customers. Taking the time to do this will save you money and effort in the long run.

Use your network

ABM does not work with random contacts, you have to work on your network.

Think about referrals from existing clients, people you meet at industry events, long-time clients, and dream clients.

In other words, bond with who you know without spinning the wheels to find new leads.

Starting with what you have can boost your lead generation.

Set dates to make content relevant

Getting organized is very important when it comes to marketing strategies. You need to stay relevant and add value to each scope.

Maximizing your investment is even more important when it comes to ABM. Use your marketing and sales teams to create a schedule.

Take advantage of your target customer list to identify important times of the year. Develop your content around a timeline.

By thinking and planning ahead, you provide interesting, engaging and valuable content.

Think of it this way: you are investing time and money to promote your brand. A potential target sees the ad and shortly thereafter receives an email from you regarding a webinar. If you can follow up after the webinar with a personal phone call, you will have tripled the impact of your initial announcement.

Be specific

ABM requires that you direct content to every potential customer.

Focus on creating more relevant material for each prospect. Make sure that some of the content, say 20%, can be personalized for each individual prospect.

Using email is an easy way to implement this strategy. An email can look like a one-on-one communication, even if that same message, with a few tweaks, is aimed at multiple prospects.

Our guide to email advertising He will show you how to create an effective campaign.

Meet your prospect

Communication and constant engagement are important aspects of any marketing strategy.

With AMB, you have to focus everything on your lead, so finding out in depth is your big goal.

What are the challenges of the lead? And the needs? Address these points in your content and provide information on how to solve practical problems.

This will help you gain your trust in advance which will translate into a potential long term relationship.

Using technology

When it comes to lead generation and ABM strategies, technology is your friend, not your enemy.

Take advantage of programs and software designed to automate the process as much as possible.

Here are the types of automated technologies that can help implement ABM strategies:

  • Automation tools for social media: Help your brand manage social media pages, post content, engage directly with customers, and measure various metrics.
  • CRM Automation Tools– Help your brand organize and score leads, track communication, and provide behavioral insights.

In general, the Digital marketing Yes Content Marketing you can equip it with ABM technology.

The faster you automate part of your marketing strategies, the faster you will reap the benefits of systemization and optimization. This includes increased productivity and deeper customer relationships at all levels.

Now that you’ve learned about ABM’s lead generation strategies, you need to put these practices to the test.

It’s time to reach your target buyer more effectively. Remember why, try to engage high potential accounts with a highly personalized message and offer.

Select a few strategies based on your business model. Don’t try them all at the same time. Keep some in your arsenal to use when you need them most.

A good format that can give you even more business opportunities is interactive content.Learn more about interactive content here!

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