How to become a freelance community manager in 2021?

How to become a freelance community manager in 2021?

Key asset in corporate marketing strategies and the Communication on the social networks, the job of cIndependent community leader is in vogue in recent years. Despite its fluctuating legal regulations, the activity of freelance community manager attracts many entrepreneurs for its flexibility on the one hand but also the autonomy that this new work organization allows to adopt.


The community manager has the main mission of manage the company’s brand image on the social networks, but also to develop it in order to retain Internet users as much as possible. The freelance status is not a legal status in its own right, but refers to the notion of working as a self-employed person, under several legal regimes.

Also note that it is quite possible to call a professional for start a business. All you need to do is fill out a form online, then the formalists will take care of your file, from your entry to your business creation.

His missions

In charge of managing the brand identity and reputation of the online business, several missions are the responsibility of the freelance community manager. These include in particular:

  • The development of business plan according to the objectives set with the client;
  • Keep recurring activity and gain visibility on social networks ;
  • Generate activity around the brand by creating events, meetings and competitions;
  • Communicate regularly on social networks around the brand’s activities and events;
  • Also manage brand image crises and heal its reputation.

Which legal regime to choose?

As freelance, the community manager independent and benefits from very different schemes from the wage earner. Let’s detail each of them in order to see which is the most suitable for your entrepreneurial project.

The notion of freelance does not strictly speaking imply strict regulation since this will depend on the legal regime chosen by the entrepreneur. On the other hand, to succeed and increase your community manager activity, several rules must be observed. Indeed, although the community manager is not obliged to present a diploma to exercise his activity, it can be decisive and advantageous to have followed a specialized training in Communication or digital marketing.

In addition, there are certain qualities that you must possess in order to excel in your field of activity. Among them, being attentive to brands, being creative and having a developed editorial sense.

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