How to attract close customers to your physical store?

How to attract close customers to your physical store?

Facebook Ads is a very useful channel for brands that sell products online. But did you know that it can also be used to attract customers to a physical store?

Well yes: Facebook Ads has an advertising objective specially designed to promote your business establishments to those close to them and thus generate conversions. Let’s see how it works!

Facebook Ads And Business Traffic How To Get Customers Near Your Physical Store

Objectives of Facebook ads: company traffic

When we run an advertising campaign in Facebook Ads, we can choose from a wide variety of goals. These are broadly divided into three categories:

  • Recognition: objectives related to generating interest in your brand, products and services and making them known to your target audience.

  • Consideration: objectives related to taking your business into account by your potential customers in their purchasing decisions and seeking information on this subject.

  • Conversions: Goals related to giving people interested in your brand the “last push” to buy your product or hire your service. In this category we can find the website conversion goals, catalog sales and the one that concerns us right now: traffic in business.

Therefore, the goal of traffic in the business is to link online and offline advertising to attract new customers.

How to attract customers to your physical store step by step

If you have a business with physical locations and want to attract close people, follow these steps to advertise locally with Facebook Ads:

Tutorial on how to campaign in Facebook Ads: it is specified where to add the business and how to choose the different objectives of a campaign, including traffic in the business.

Another way to do it, straight from your fan page, is as follows:

  • Add your business location or locations to your Facebook page and Instagram profile. You can also include them in your WhatsApp business profile.
  • Go to your page and navigate to the “Promote” tab in the left column.

  • Pick a goal (in this case it will be to “promote your business locally”).

  • Define your audience. You can choose a distance range from your store and decide what type of users will see the ad based on their age group, gender, and interests.

  • Choose text, image, and a call to action for your ad. Facebook ads will automatically suggest an image and text, but you can edit them as you like.

  • Set your budget from the daily budget drop-down menu. You can choose one of the predefined options or enter a custom quantity.

  • Define the duration of the campaign. You can choose between 7, 14 or 28 days, or enter a custom duration.

  • Check the payment method and make sure it is up to date.

  • Submit your ad. When you have finished configuring your ad, click on “Promote” and you’re done! Facebook Ads will review your ad and notify you as soon as it is posted.

7 Ways To Use Facebook Ads To Promote Local Businesses

The “traffic in the company” objective is designed to encourage users to come closer to your establishment. But besides running generic campaigns, you can also give it a twist to get you closer to your marketing goals. We will see 7 Ways To Use Facebook Ads To Attract Customers To Your Physical Store through these Facebook Examples.

1) Generate notoriety at the local level

Local Facebook ads can be a great way to let you know between people potentially interested in your business.

For example, the Los Angeles Professional Makeup School used this format to attract people between the ages of 18 and 35 who had expressed an interest in makeup and who lived a reasonable distance away. To achieve this, they created a campaign with the call to action “Call now”. In just 30 days, they managed to generate almost two million local impressions at a cost of $ 0.002 per impression and doubled the number of leads they got.

Facebook Ads And Business Traffic How To Get Customers Near Your Physical Store

2) Help specific stores achieve their sales targets

If your business has multiple physical locations, some stores may cost more to meet their monthly fees. Using the traffic goal in the Facebook Ads activity will allow you to achieve these goals with hyperlocalized campaigns focused on specific stores, with which you can make the most of your budget.

3) Promote the opening of new stores

If you open in a new location, you can generate expectations at a very low cost with Facebook Ads. All you need to do is create a segmented campaign for users who are close to the new location and have interests aligned with your brand. To make it even more effective at attracting customers, you can combine the campaign with a special opening promotion.

4) attract people to your events

Many brands do events in your stores, product launches associated with free samples. If something special happens in one of your physical locations, let people who are nearby know about it with a special Facebook Ads traffic campaign.

5) Special hospitality: promote your daily menus and your “happy hours”

With Facebook Ads, you can launch local campaigns that only run at certain times of the day. This is a great opportunity to promote your promotions such as brunch, daily menu or happy hour, so that they serve to attract potential customers who are passing near you at that time. Surely that way, you will get them to put a dent in their plans for you. Here is a clear example of BarKogi.

Facebook Ads And Business Traffic How To Get Customers Near Your Physical Store

6) involve your neighbors

You can combine local Facebook Ads campaigns with the user generated content to get maximum results. For example, a Miami tourist office He used them to encourage residents of the city’s 17 neighborhoods to share photos of their neighborhood with a unique hashtag. The campaign garnered over 7,000 images and 100,000 mentions, with a cost per print 23% lower than in previous campaigns.

Facebook Ads And Business Traffic How To Get Customers Near Your Physical Store

7) publicize your local promotions

If any of your stores are offering a discount on certain products, you can promote them with Facebook Ads to get Relevant impressions at a lower cost. Again, it’s all about leveraging targeting to create “hyperlocal” ads that make the most of your budget.

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