How to add YouTube chapters with timestamps

How to add YouTube chapters with timestamps

Through add YouTube chapters and to make them show up in the google serp when you search, you just need to enter the timestamps in the description. That is, key moments that indicate the sections, chapters of the downloaded video.

How to add YouTube chapters with timestamps.

Google can automatically try to understand the main sections of a video post. And insert without any indication a box in serp with chapters, the different sections of the content, to help the user choose. But there is more you can do.

How to add YouTube chapters

To insert the video sections and make them recognizable by Google to insert the big player in the billhook you must use timestamps.

Namely the gods internal links, anchors pointing to certain areas of the video.

Where do you put these links, where do they go? In the description of the video you posted on YouTube, here is how to add chapters on YouTube through the timestamps:

  • Download a video conveniently divided into chapters
  • In the description, add the timestamps.
  • The format of the timestamps: [hour]:[minute]:[second]
  • Add a timestamp per line with a label.
  • Enter the timestamps in chronological order.

So do appears the timeline of the video with the key moments of the serp just insert a bulleted list in the description of the YouTube video. Here you need the list of chapters or key moments of the content with the timestamp.

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Example timestamp for videos

To understand how to add YouTube chapters, just take a look at this internal menu created on a uploaded video. As you can see there is a clear logic.

Example timestamp for videos
How to insert timestamped chapters on YouTube.

Important: You do not have to enter the chapters of the video, they use all the parameters of the template [hour]:[minute]:[second]. If the hours, for example, aren’t there, just skip the last section. Entering like this just the minutes and seconds of the video.

As it appears in the Google serp

Here is an example of the work of adding chapters and moments in YouTube descriptions. As you can see there is a good one part of the billhook occupied by this box.

add YouTube chapters
Here are the timestamps in the Google SERP.

Here is the result. As you can imagine, there is an activity to develop in this direction: the activity of video marketing enters fully into the work of optimization. SEO. Or rather, you can do a job of search engine marketing refined.

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What are the SEO benefits

With YouTube timestamps, you can create one fragment articulated, well present in the billhook. This allows you to increase the click-through rate on your content by occupying the page in order to obtain important advantages competitor sui.

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