How to add the “Gamer” social network to your marketing plan?

How to add the “Gamer” social network to your marketing plan?

Learn in the following article how to add the popular Red social discord to your digital marketing strategies.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, one of the fastest growing industries was gambling: one of the favorite activities – especially for young audiences – when it comes to staying at home.

Among the most widely used platforms in this industry is Discord, a tool that allows users to communicate via voice, video and text channels.

Originally designed as a communication tool for online players, the platform has developed specific features that are gradually gaining ground compared to other instant messaging applications.

Such is the state of growth that Discord is going through that big companies like Amazon, Microsoft and Epic have shown interest in acquiring it: in 2020, it generated revenues of over $ 130 million.

Discord currently has 250 million registered users. (Games industry)

Discord: how does it work and what is it for?

Discord is a messaging application that allows users to communicate through a wide variety of formats. It can be compared to tools like Zoom or Slack.

It is free, has mobile application systems for desktops, and is fully compatible with Microsoft, Mac and Linux.

It works through “servers”, which could be defined as Slack channels: chat rooms that can be accessed by invitation and in which all forms of communication (text, voice and video) can be used.

The platform allows for the creation of an unlimited number of public and private servers, a feature that is leading companies to prefer it as a business collaboration tool. In terms of resources, it uses less than Skype or Slack and the service is high quality.

On each server, there are channels that people can instantly join with just one click. Additionally, you can assign roles to members of a server and provide specific permissions for each.

The success of Discord is that it is a simple yet effective application to facilitate instant communication. While it doesn’t (yet) have all of the features that Slack, Teams, or Meets offer, it can be a great alternative for work teams.

Discord official page

Benefits of applying Discord in your startup

Discord has a number of advantages as a means of communication to be used both internally and externally in your Startup. Let’s see its main advantages below.

Large number of users

A single server can host up to 500,000 members and up to 50 categories and 500 channels can be created on it. Not all platforms have such extraordinary numbers.

The capacity of Discord is immense and sufficient for large companies that need to maintain communication with their collaborators, customers and suppliers. The invitation to the servers is made via a link to share.

It’s intuitive and user-friendly

The interface of Discord is very user-friendly and intuitive both in the desktop version and in that used for mobile phones.

It has a central menu in the upper left corner where you can find the search bar, recent private messages, tabs that go to game library, contact list, store, and activity feeds.

The main area displays the available channels, moderators, chats and connected people.

Voice collaboration

Another key tool in Discord is voice chat. This feature is used more and more in professional circles as a means of communication between teams.

It is used for the Internal Communication of your Company

Companies choose Discord because of its advantages:

  • The connection has no time or cost limit.
  • It is possible to assign roles in your groups which can be notified by tags.
  • It enables screen sharing, individual and group calls and video calls.
  • You can send private messages if you want to communicate something specific to a team member.
  • Allows live broadcasts.

Discord is in 14th position in the ranking of the most used applications for collaboration between teams. (Stackshare)

Information management security

Discord is a very secure network: once messages are deleted by users, they disappear without leaving a trace. Yes there is no way to get them back.

Photos submitted through the app are verified by PhotoDNA, a program that scans and checks content for illegal material.

Discord runs a bug bounty program called Bug Bounty. Any user who finds a vulnerability receives a benefit from the company, which has said that this action allows them to maintain high security standards.


Discord: How to add the “Gamer” social network to your marketing plan?

In addition to being used as a means of communication for work teams, Discord can be a great option for connecting with your audience and fostering a sense of community among your brand’s followers.

With Discord, you can boost your strategy digital marketing, since servers allow you to connect with your audience, promote products and services, or retain customers.

Here are some steps you can take to integrate this platform into your business.

Channel creation

Discord is a great tool for building communities around your brand. Thanks to its functions, you can generate special channels to perform loyalty campaigns with your current customers.

Your channels can also help you build a community of selected members and provide them with exclusive discounts, offers and promotions. Within your servers, you can create specific sales channels to keep conversations flowing with your potential customers.

To add members to your channels, you can send personal invitations by text, chat, or email, or do so through links to share on social media.

Omnichannel marketing app

The discord grows day by day and there are more and more communities around the tastes and interests that are generated there. You can add this platform as an additional channel for customer service or as a means of communication for questions and requests.

Customers spend 20-40% more in businesses that respond to them via social media and that they can interact with. (Social networks today)

Install bots on the server

Bots are computer programs that automatically perform certain tasks. They can be used for all kinds of functions and activities.

Discord lets you create and introduce bots to your channels to moderate, set rules, welcome, and give important reminders. Other things a bot can do on Discord are:

  • Provide answers to common questions.
  • Offer accurate information and perform automated searches.
  • Create birthday greetings.
  • Promote events and activities.
  • Provide regular reminders and announcements.
  • Activate custom commands.

Integration with HubSpot

As if that weren’t enough, Discord allows a lot of integrations with HubSpot to connect your databases to your marketing software with it and to be able to communicate with your users through its channels.

Discord Marketing Strategy

Discord: a tool with great potential in the world of digital marketing

If you want to start using Discord in your marketing strategies, you need to be familiar with the areas of interest of your the buyers. With this information, you will be able to create and offer relevant discussion spaces that capture their attention around the brand.

The possibilities are endless: just step into the world of your prospects, use your imagination, and create content that relates to your business’s strategic needs and goals.

In order for users to access your servers in Discord, you need to generate relevant and engaging content for them. Some ideas can be:

  • Creation of communities. Creating channels of communication with your brand’s users and followers is the primary action marketers take to foster a sense of community.
  • Product release. Take advantage of Discord channels to promote new products or offer discounts and rewards to engage users.
  • Customer service. Most consumers use social media to learn about business support. Discord can be the perfect tool for this, as it allows you to have private conversations and enable bots for frequently asked questions.

    Using Discord to support your customers fosters a community environment that makes it easier to attract more leads.
  • Marketing influencers. Through campaigns with micro-influencers, you can increase the visibility and reach of your brand to attract new subscribers.

67% of consumers are currently using social media platforms to find a solution to their needs. (Social media today)


In short, Discord is a very competent tool for the market. In addition to offering the traditional functions of other instant messaging applications, its service is fast and free in all its formats.

We see it as a platform with great potential in the business world, mainly as a means of communication for the work teams of small and medium-sized companies or startups.

Although most of its users are young, Discord is growing daily and its audience is multiplying to reach other important segments.

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