How much energy do your publications give off?

How much energy do your publications give off?

Today, I want to talk to you about our personal energy cycle and the vibration we give off in our social media content, whether in a business or an entrepreneur. And I give you 2-3 tracks to boost your energy to reconnect to your heart. So that your beautiful energy is manifested in your publications.

Do you have any down?

Times when you don’t feel like posting on social media at all or even just opening, watching and interacting?

I reassure you … you are not alone.

In this episode, I tell you that it happens to me too, and I give you resources to take a step back and get out of this situation. And also to understand it, because it allows shoot lessons.

These days, I don’t really want to post on the networks, even on Instagram and in story, whereas in general, it amuses me. It’s like that. The catch is, it seems to be settling down. And if that takes hold, all the energy I would have put on early this year into my posts will be kindly washed away.

The intention and energy in publications

Except that I don’t want to “publish to publish”. This is contrary to my values.

Not just because I don’t want you to see me with less energy, no there, it would even be good because purely authentic.

No, because when I’m not in the mood or worse if I’m posting because I want to sell with no other intention in my post then I have the belief that you will feel this vibration and that it will not work.

What is funny is that these days I have discussions with clients around this theme and even with Léa.

The other evening, Léa said to me:

I don’t feel like posting tonight… is it ok for you if I post tomorrow?

There my heart says Yes because it is important tobe in good vibes when we publish. And then, it is the basis of our functioning, of the heart communication. What matters is to feel good, to put good intentions and good vibes in our content. This is our role on the web, to transmit this beautiful energy and do good because we are all entangled.

It was without counting my mind which returns to the load: Damn, do I publish something quickly? It’s been four days since we posted anything …

In the face of this mental turmoil, my favorite tool is to breathe. To put an end to this agitation and to breathe. To observe.

Kumbaka: what you learn between two breaths

Do you know Kumbaka?

When you breathe, between inhaling and exhaling, there is a little moment of space, totally natural.

Feel this little moment of pause, totally alive, natural between these two movements.

And in this space in between … connect to why, to these two Why:

  • Why you are in this weird energy
  • Why you don’t want to publish

Continue your breathing… your normal cycle.

And let the answers come.

Observe. Observe.

Reconnect in the sense of your business

After breathing like this, reconnect with your business and its meaning.

  • Come back to your heart
  • To your mission within your company
  • And this for the world, for the greater good of All
  • How do you want to feel when you are in this contribution?
  • Let this feeling settle in you

And you can also come meditate with us on Thursday mornings at 7:30 a.m., to link your business and your inner capital.

When you want results, everything is in the intention. We tend to forget the right rhythm, the time, the time it takes for the seed to grow, as I talk about in the previous episode on patience and rhythm.

And then… finally if it is not today, nor tomorrow, but next week. Will that be okay too?

One more green

My last tip for you is:

  • Plan, be precise in your plan and your intentions
  • Organize yourself so that you have a little leeway to be in good vibes when you are on the web
  • Do not put yourself too much at once and think about your personal ecology
  • Set a realistic posting pace

In this way, you will be able to better listen to yourself according to the phase of your personal energy while keeping good vibes in your publications.

Here are the links to listen to the episode:

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