How long does it take to invoice 1 million euros with the resale?

How long does it take to invoice 1 million euros with the resale?

There are easier ways than making money with your own business. Reselling is not one of the quickest options.

Yesterday Youtube suggested a video of a girl with the headline “How Did I Become a Millionaire From Day To Morning” or something similar. It’s an English video so it’s more of a rough translation. The story was interesting until he told how he made that million bucks: selling a course that helped him charge practically that amount.

For a long time, I shied away from the issue of training as a source of income (yes, I know, Quondos was exactly that) because for me the merit is very limited. I’m not going to give a class where I teach people how to sell on Amazon if I can’t make a living from it. A course cannot earn me more income than what I teach at the fan club. This is not a criticism of anyone but rather my way of seeing the world at the moment. Everyone can do what they want with their time.

Why many fail

Yesterday i mentioned

quickly the video I had seen on the Austrian YouTuber which talks about the subject of resale. I liked his vision of things because he gave a summary of the first 5 years and the evolution so far. It’s just because of videos like the one mentioned about the girl that rock thinks it’s easy. Things out of context do not reflect all the effort it takes to be successful in any field: athletic, family, business, etc.

The vast majority of people are looking for quick results and if it can be simple. They don’t understand that nothing is free in life. Everything, absolutely everything has a price. Your time, your savings, your friends, your partners, etc. Another price is always paid. This may not necessarily be your case, but it is very likely that it is.

What few people understand is that it’s not about getting there, it’s about enjoying the trip. I have always been delighted and fascinated that you can acquire something for a cost x and, through a transaction, make a profit z. It doesn’t matter if it’s 100 euros or a few cents. Those who followed my challenge to buy and sell They know it’s not for talking. For years, I didn’t get relevant results. It’s now been 18 months since I finally managed to set up what can truly be called a resale business on Amazon.

My evolution with Amazon over the past 6 years

I’ve been taking Amazon seriously for about 24 months. It used to be more of a hobby. It started as an experience for Quondos and since then I haven’t stopped. The first two years I lost money selling professional hairdryers, solar cell phone batteries, emoticon cushions or travel scales. I never did the numbers but it certainly didn’t pay off.

Then I started to specialize. I entered the collectibles niche with a specific brand. During two years I learned a lot about the subject, I ended up setting up an online store and selling these products on Amazon. Keep being him product with the best ROI but that is not enough to achieve critical mass. During the third and fourth years, I started to earn a profit but did not earn any wages for myself from the activity. I could only pay part of the wages of my workers. It didn’t even really cover that 100%.

I continued to learn by discovering a new product at the end of the fourth year. Now The party is over but for some time it has brought us good benefits. The last 12 months have been 100,000 (profit, no billing).

By losing the best seller, I am forced to move again. In this sixth year, I wanted to reach the million in sales. Now that we’re going to lose the best seller, we’re going to lose that option. It will take us maybe two more years and we will have reached the eighth year.

I think 8 years is not a representative number. If you avoid my mistakes, you can get there in five or even sooner. Do this: don’t set up a structure in the form of workers like me, always reinvest 100% of the profits, look for a quick area of ​​specialization from scratch where you can grow vertically and horizontally.

Let’s see where this journey takes us again.

Stay tuned.


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