How important is SEO?

How important is SEO?

In 2021, there is more and more information circulating on the web. Everyone tries to get out of the game by wanting to stand out on the search engines. Obviously, it can be difficult to compete with those who offer the same products and services. This article tells you the importance of SEO for a website.

What is SEO?

First of all, SEO brings together all the techniques that make it possible to optimize a website so that it is visible on search engines. Several elements can be optimized so that the platform can improve its ranking and visibility. A audit SEO allows you to analyze in detail all aspects of a website that can be optimized.

Here is a list of the many benefits that can be brought to your website through SEO.

1. Organic SEO brings web traffic

Organic SEO brings together all the techniques that allow you to “naturally” improve the quality of your website as well as its position on search engines. In other words, these are the companies that have not paid a certain amount of money to the search engine to end up above the results. Organic SEO is a long-term job that allows you to obtain positive results in a few months. When the job is done right, the website ends up at the top of the search results for free, and people are more likely to click on the link rather than one further down in the results page. So, organic SEO improves your website ranking and it attracts more visits to your platform. A SEO agency can help you improve your organic SEO.

2, SEO improves the quality of a website

The quality of a website is determined by various criteria that are important to both search engines and internet users. In fact, it’s the quality of a platform that determines how well it ranks on Google. To do this, check if the internal and external links come from relevant sites with a quality score above 30. The textual and visual content that ends up on the pages must also be optimized. Add meaningful keywords in strategic places and choose high resolution images.

3, SEO improves user experience

Websites that want to rank well on search engines need to make sure that users feel good about their platform. Their visit must be positive while browsing the platform. The site should be instinctive and it should be easy to navigate. The design should be nice while reflecting the image of your business well. A visitor who feels good about your website is more likely to stay there and want to learn about your products and services. On the contrary, a person who gets lost between the different pages and will not find what they are looking for will quickly leave the site. Make sure visitors can easily find what they’re looking for.

4. The local SEO improves conversions

The majority of Internet users prefer to find a company that is located in the same city as them to procure a product or service. They will be more tempted to make an online or in-store purchase from a nearby retailer. These seem to be more confident in making the purchase from a local brand. This is the reason why local SEO is so useful. Improve the visibility of your business with these Internet users when they need to fill a specific need. Register your business on Google my business and add all relevant information like your website URL link, physical store address, and phone number to reach you.

5. SEO pays off

At first, you will need to budget to hire an in-house SEO professional or to contract an SEO agency externally. On the other hand, all the efforts invested in improving several aspects of your platform will considerably improve notoriety, visibility, web traffic and sales. All of these are good for your business for the long haul, knowing that the web world is not going to go away.

6. SEO is quantifiable

The great thing about SEO is that the results are measurable. You can see if the money invested has actually helped you improve traffic to your website or increase sales over a period of time. With the Google Analytics tool, it is possible to compare the number of visits to your platform over two different time periods (e.g. the month of April versus the month of May). It is possible to observe the improvement in the position for the search results on Google. The return on investment can be analyzed in different ways to see the concrete benefits provided.

7. SEO brings opportunities

By improving the SEO of your website, your greater visibility will allow you to attract more new customers. By working on brand awareness, people will get to know you and they will trust your brand more. SEO may even help you increase your market share over your competition if people who don’t know about your business find out about your website.

Finally, SEO brings several benefits to improve your website and to increase the visibility of your business on the web. For more information, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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