How digital culture is changing art in all its dimensions

How digital culture is changing art in all its dimensions

Through the experience of Meet, I learned to stay outside the box, to try to have a mind free from prejudices, rules, patterns and to apply critical thinking.

This is the state of mind of Maria Grazia Mattei, founder and president of the center as well as inventor of Meet the media guru, cycle of international meetings and confrontations with the elite of digital culture and art, philosophy and communication, marketing and entrepreneurship.

Maria Grazia welcomes Mirko Palera during the Ninja Van Tour, showing him the posters displayed on the walls of the Meet, which tell the story of digital culture in a route, including projections, entitled “The roots of the new” and an entire room dedicated to the Siggraph, the most important initiative to the world dedicated to the evolution of digital culture from computer graphics to virtual reality.

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The place of culture Meet, in Milan has always been a meeting place dedicated to festivals and cinema, but it has now modernized through the digital culture. The walls tell the story of “the roots of the new” made of posters, objects, projections on the walls, special effects, web and 3D. Maria Grazia says:

For my new project I involved 4 artists: Carlo Stanga, Chiara Luzzana, the group Screen Colors and the Fuse. We have created a 12×8 m linear monitor to revolve around the works that welcome, the feeling is a Milan that speaks, which presents itself with a narrative that is more sonic than visual, with particular plans for the continuous discovery of the places. Four new interpretations of an innovative way to describe the city: this is how Nice to Meet You was born.

Even the Meet suffered a setback with the forced closing last year, despite many projects were ready to start, always with an art look to the future, with narrative, artistic and creative experiments. A reality conceived 7 years ago, with constant research and valuable collaborations with other European centers, a space that combines all dimensions.

Meet this is what we need, in Milan and in the rest of the territory. It reconciles the local with the international. We continue to tell stories from the past, with the help of artificial intelligence, that look to the future, helping us to reason. I advise everyone to keep an eye on this unstoppable process, approach novelty with curiosity, be open-minded and be fully aware of what is going on. We must not be passive with technology, otherwise we will be crushed. If you release energies, you discover meadows to explore.

A museum therefore, where the artists exhibit, not with a brush, but with computers and algorithms, helping to change the perception of things, with new forms of art. È Il Meet wants to reflect this story: looking at no perspectives, not just a point of view.

There is no doubt, the Meet is a truly unbreakable place, able to cross every historical period and every change, Carry on tell the past and at the same time do you mirror of the future.

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