how a startup is revolutionizing the industry

how a startup is revolutionizing the industry

What makes abusiness really Unbreakable?

Have a strong long-term vision, find a target, choose the own destiny.

He explains it to us Francesco Tassi, founder of See, an active reality in the world of branded podcast and author of the podcast “Io Credo”, joined by a Modena dal CEO Ninja Mirko Palera during the trip of N-conference sul Ninja Van.

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the motto of Francesco is: having strong, loosely held opinions. Strong visions, with a gentle hand.

Having a strong long-term vision knowing how to get there could change along the way and be prepared to understand how long to persist and when to let go. the Podcast an interesting trend is emerging for the future. In See, during the period of the first confinement, Francesco and his telecommuting team found themselves in difficulty, looking for new creative stimuli.

Italy was not ready for the podcast

The mission of Vois is to produce Podcast 360 °: branded podcast, original podcast, advertising podcast. In 2017, Francesco Tassi, works in America as an engineer, and there he begins to approach and become passionate about the world of audio:

I literally fell in love, I got to know this new, different and fascinating world. In America, the podcast had been in vogue for quite some time, so I decided to move its use to Italy. I left everything, went home and immediately started two drag races.

But something went wrong it was too early, Italy was not ready to use the podcast.

In 2019 he produced an app, which was not too successful, the numbers were not of interest to investors. The podcast was chosen based on interest, it was a kind of personalized radio that mixed podcasts and music, selecting favorite music from Apple ID and Spotify, then creating a ‘only playlist that played e podcasts music favorite.

See is very much based on the hip hop dance manifesto, Francesco is a break dance dancer and carries a very particular cultural baggage of life, the manifesto is: Love unity and have fun, and brings a lot back to the concept of community, with a dash of fun.

In 2019, we start to launch a lot of products including Alexa Skills, but again all dreams are shattered. Subsequently, we won a tender in Turin and concluded a collaboration with the company BMW for the application. So we created the app in Munich, but realized that the content was lacking, so we went looking for investors for the project. We sank and with Andrea, Vois was born again. The old name was Fortune, then we changed our name, changed our logo, and started to be a great startup.

Cube syndrome

It is important pursue their passions, but we must not stop there, we must have the courage to drive them away. The real time isn’t when you throw it all away but when you work on it.

There are a lot of ideas for creating startups, but many are afraid to validate the idea, the product has to be sold. It’s cube syndrome: chasing a dream from 9 to 17, then shutting it down.

See created theinfluencing marketing on podcasts, they help brands advertise and manage a network of millions of podcast makers per month.

We are used to believing that your work, your passion and your vocation exist, in reality we live in a multi-potential world and many people identify with this phase. Do one thing, you have a lot of fun but after a while you get tired, less and less time we devote to something that we are passionate about.

Francesco’s secret

Just find 3 things that we love, and be the 25% among the best of 3 things: by mixing you get into your passions and you will have a good chance of getting to the bottom of things.

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