Hotmart Community Go: unlock your sales now!

Hotmart Community Go: unlock your sales now!

Only 30 days left! If you really want to boost your sales, now is the time: o Hotmart Go Community is back!

In 3 editions, we have helped hundreds of people to:

  • Leverage Your Sales With Everything They Need To Know To Unlock Your Business …
  • Get out of where you are right and connect with a community of people who are going through the same business difficulties …
  • Accelerate the growth of your product face to face with our experts …
  • All that, COMPLETELY FREE!

So, if you too want to unlock your sales, you can’t miss this essential novelty! Subscribe now!


After all, what is Hotmart Community Go?

Community Go is a program developed by the Community and Education team at Hotmart that has one very, very clear goal: to help growers and growers leverage their sales in the community.

This means that our experts on the topics you need to know (products, copywriting, traffic, social media, pricing, etc.) will come together to show you all the steps you need to take to create your next definitive strategies.

In our first edition of the program, we had more than surprising results, with cases of students who increased their income.

O Eder Giaretta, for example, even did his first 6 in 1 (this famous 6-figure turnover reached in just 24 hours) with the help of our teachers. Want to know his strategy?

Click on the video below to check out our # 1 logbook!

If you also want to go there, it’s time to reserve your place now BY CLICKING HERE!

What’s in store for you in this special edition of Hotmart Community Go?

To put you back together and help you accelerate sales, we’re back with Community Go on July 17th and this time (surprise!), It takes JUST 1 DAY!

That’s right: Hotmart specialists from different fields will show you all the steps to unlock sales in an immersion that will take place on Saturday, July 17, throughout the day – more details on our schedule soon.

With them you will meet foolproof tips and strategies to sell more using features focused on its next release, persuasive writing, online advertising and more.

Of course, our member area will be in full swing, with hands-on activities, checklists, additional materials AND MANY SURPRISES AWAIT YOU. You won’t miss it, will you?


Hotmart Community Go: what are the clear advantages for you?

  • Take the next step and optimize your product sales once and for all;
  • Take one-day live lessons with our top experts and community;
  • Clarify your doubts directly and start to define your strategies well and generate more sales;
  • Rely on activities and checklists to test your business on the fly and start seeing results.

Who are the experts in the Hotmart Go community?

Carlúcio Vieira

Advertiser specializing in Digital Communication, Copywriter responsible for launching Hotmart tools used by millions of Producers and Affiliates. Professor at the head of Community Go, he was Copy Teacher at Hotmart Camp and Hotmart MASTERS 2020.

Carole Picoli

With an MBA in Marketing and over 8 years of experience, Carol has helped hundreds of businesses leverage their businesses digitally. Today, he is responsible for the team, strategies and educational products that help producers and affiliates grow their business at Hotmart.

Luiza Salles

A journalist specializing in strategic marketing, Lu has 8 years of experience and is currently working as a copywriter at Hotmart. He is responsible for initiatives that teach producers and affiliates around the world to take the first steps and accelerate their digital business.

Ana Clara Gregory

Marketing analyst at Hotmart. Specialist in email marketing and content creation strategies, with a focus on organic growth.

Vitor Campoline

A marketing analyst focused on digital strategies and data analytics, he has experience helping traditional businesses start their digitalization.

Clara Lopes

Senior Business Developer, Clara is one of the people in charge of Hotmart’s internationalization process. He’s already served Hotmart’s biggest customers and knows exactly how to turn products into profitable businesses.

Matheus tavares

Advertiser, traffic manager who has managed more than 25 million reais of online ads. He has worked in the financial market and is currently a performance-driven media and digital strategy analyst at Hotmart.

In addition to them, as I told you, we have special guests which are references in the field at Hotmart – not to lose the habit, the invited crowd is at the top of the galaxies!

You won’t lose, will you? Ready to go further?

Buckle up and join our community to start selling more in November!

Your digital business can take off with the help of our experts. Do you want to embark on this adventure or would you rather be left behind? Vem pro Hotmart Go community!


See you on July 17th!

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