Health, the major concern of the French

Health, the major concern of the French

Health is at the heart of the major concerns of the French. Making life easier for people, whether they are disabled or isolated, is an integral part of benevolence which should prove to be constant. Focus on ideas for the welfare of others.

A teleconsultation capsule

The AI ​​Pod, for Artificial intelligence pod, developed by Bodyo, is a large rounded white cabin, the interior of which is lit by a blue neon. It allows for a health check-up and teleconsultations.

“In 6 minutes, it takes 26 measurements,” says its creator Patrice Coutard. “The weight, height, blood pressure… She even looks for potential diseases and, if she finds nothing, she enters a prevention course. “

It was designed for pharmacies and hospitals from November 1, 2021. Bodyo’s primary targets are medical deserts and geographic areas in which hospitals are overloaded. The objective is to relieve the nursing staff by leaving the Under do basic diagnostics.

Founded in 2018, Bodyo develops 360 ° telehealth solutions that engage individuals in a responsible self-monitoring approach throughout their health journey through self-measurement stations and teleconsultation

as well as companion web and mobile applications. Its vision is to think outside the box to redefine and lead towards better health systems, making health accessible to as many people as possible, especially those who are most disadvantaged or located in isolated areas. Thus, Bodyo manufactures attractive devices, where design plays an essential role, and takes pride in keeping its promise to constantly innovate in exceptional, highly intuitive and fundamentally human technologies, thus promoting their adoption and lasting results for the benefit. of humanity.

Police robot dog checks temperature of homeless people with Covid-19 in Hawaii

Hawaii: Police Robot Dog Checks Temperature Of Homeless People With Covid-19

The police have indeed spent nearly 150,000 dollars (approximately 123,000 euros) for the purchase of a Spot robot dog. Major Mike Lambert and Lt. Joseph O’Neal had defended the acquisition of the machine last January before Honolulu City Council. They put forward the protection that the robot manufactured by Boston Analytics would provide to police officers in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic. Spot should evolve within a camp set up for the homeless, who must carry out a quarantine because of contamination with the coronavirus but who have not been able to integrate the existing structures. The robot will exempt the police from close contact with sick individuals. The officers had estimated in their presentation that avoiding possible exposure to agents was well worth $ 150,000. The robot dog is equipped with a camera that allows precise measurement of body temperature. The machine is also programmed for disinfection with UV rays and atomizers According to officials, the purchase of the Spot will pay for itself in ninety days thanks to the savings in material and human resources.

A multifunction table suitable for all disabilities and transportable

Damien and Noémie Thierry, a brother and sister from the Toulouse region, won two medals in the Lépine competition for young designers, for their table suitable for all disabilities and transportable.

Damien and Noémie Thierry won the gold medal in the Lépine competition for young designers for their table adapted to the handicap.

During a demonstration for the flight of drones, the two young people concerned about the well-being of others noted that the disabled could not participate in the activity. Noémie Thierry, 17, thus designed a table intended for people in wheelchairs and / or disabled, called Uni’Table., Damien Thierry, 20) succeeded in adapting the remote control of a drone, with the advice of an occupational therapist, psychomotor therapist, a carpenter and the Elheva association, based in Cugnaux. ENAC and the Insa Foundation also helped design this innovation, called TouchTab. Its table can thus be adapted to all handicaps, can be dismantled and reassembled in two minutes, thus being able to be used everywhere. It is accessible to children and adults thanks to a bar that goes up and down at the right height. They have already received orders from associations specializing in disability and have thus created the EasyCap association to continue the development of this project.

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