Greenroom, the new Spotify social app that challenges Clubhouse

Greenroom, the new Spotify social app that challenges Clubhouse

His name is Green room and is the new audio social app launched by Spotify. Available in a mobile version for all iOS and Android devices in 135 countries around the world, it is the answer to Club house, but it is characterized by the possibility of interacting through a built-in live messaging chat, that the host can activate or deactivate whenever he wishes, and turn conversations into podcasts. The competition between major technologies for the primacy of social audio is becoming increasingly tight, thanks to innovations, with the possibility for new competitors in the field to have an already consolidated audience, as in the case of Spotify, nello leader in audio streaming, with an ecosystem that exceeds 350 million users worldwide.

Through “Talk about live music, sport and culture”, focus on business. The new application makes it possible to create rooms, to listen or to speak live, to open forums and debates.

“Be the creator”: the invitation from Spotify

Unique lounges. On Greenroom you will find conversations with top artists, athletes and informed people“, Spotify guarantees, but also “Create live rooms and start conversations on any topic, by selecting a group”.

In addition to allowing Spotify users around the world to join or host live audio rooms and translate them into podcasts, Spotify is also announcing a Creators Fund which will help fuel the new app with more content in the future.

Last March, Spotify announced the acquisition of Cloakroom», An application where sports fans could meet, to accelerate its entry into the live audio market. In fact Spotify green space builds on the existing Locker Room code, in an obvious restyling, although theuser interface is very similar to that of existing social audio (Clubhouse, Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn spaces), but with Spotify’s id font, iconography and color scheme. Each profile will also have the option of inserting links to Twitter and YouTube.

Room creators and their speakers are displayed at the top with rounded profile icons, while the audience at the bottom with smaller icons. The functionality is also the same, with the ability to change, with moderation control and the ability to bring the audience on stage. The rooms can hold up to 1,000 people, a number Spotify plans to expand later. The live text chat feature can be turned on or off by the host whenever they want. At the moment, however, it is only available in English.

To ensure a certain reliability to profiles, Gems, or “Economy”(Similar to diamonds), a kind of virtual applause, a characteristic inherited from the“ dressing room ”of Looker Room. The number of Gems a Presenter earns is displayed next to their profile photo during a session, but there is currently no associated monetary value.

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Confidentiality and code of ethics: Greenroom sessions recorded by Spotify

While privacy has been a major challenge for apps like Clubhouse, the Greenroom’s live audio sessions will be recorded by Spotify itself. The company claims, in fact, that “Registration is for moderation purposes”: a challenge, therefore, for live audio platforms. If a user reports something in a Greenroom audio room, Spotify can come back to look into the issue, to determine what types of action to take, perhaps shutting down audio rooms that violate its code of conduct. Content moderation, managed by its existing dedicated team, therefore aims to avoid abuse or distortions such as misogyny and racism, as happened instead on Clubhouse, forced to close some rooms for anti-Semitism and hate speech.

Spotify Creators Fund

“Greenroom is the natural evolution of the outlook that Spotify previously set for its engagement in the podcast world.”, explains the company which also announced it Spotify Creators Fund, which will help audio creators in the United States generate income for their work. The company declined to share details on this front, however, such as the size of the fund, timing of distributions, selection criteria or other factors. The objective of the incentives will serve to encourage the creation of original content and to establish itself as a benchmark player for the podcasting sector.

Spotify Greenroom will also be marketed to artists through its channels Spotify for artists, to boost music-focused content on the app. It is rumored that affiliate newspapers may have a badge to display on the profile avatar as a brand identity.

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How to create your profile on Greenroom

To use the app, Spotify users will log in with their current Spotify account information. They will then be guided through an “on boarding” experience designed to connect them to their interests.

The process of finding audio shows to listen to is primarily based on users joining groups within the app. Spotify, however, makes it clear that the (long-term) plan is that Greenroom takes advantage of Spotify’s personalization technology to better connect users to the content they want to listen to (also thanks to the internal ability to target their audience by listening mood). For example, it could send notifications to users if a podcaster already followed on Spotify is live on Greenroom.

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