Google Ads (AdWords) Certification –  It’s NOT REALLY Worth It

Google Ads (AdWords) Certification – It’s NOT REALLY Worth It

Are you Google Ads Qualified? Maybe you’re thinking of taking the Google search exam and becoming qualified. Well I would advise you that that certificate you get at the end of passing the search exam is pretty much worthless.

If you think passing the examination means you’ll be able to manage and run successful campaigns, I am afraid you are mistaken.

In this video I will break down why I think that the Google Ads certification for search is a waste of time, using specific examples from the exam.

Google recently updated their certification program by making the learning materials more interactive. colourful and interesting, which is good. But it doesn’t change the fact that their program is massively flawed, let’s jump into some examples.

I get it, Google need to defend their product and explain the so called value of some of the features. However, I have never seen a campaign where a broad match term like “boats” or “television” is even something comprehensible!

Still convinced that the certification program is worth it? I don’t and I doubt anybody could change my mind! But it’s a necessary evil just to tick the box and give confidence to your clients, stakeholders and employers.

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