Good or bad idea ?

Good or bad idea ?

With the confinement, many employees found themselves working together, causing an increase in the demand for divorces because it highlighted the difficulty of constantly sharing a daily life. But what about in the context of starting a business. ?Advantages disadvantages ? to work with his partner even more when you are a business leader. The examples of entrepreneurs of entrepreneurs, who have joined forces with their spouses, especially in small structures, are legion. Zoom in on these couples who work together.

Let us set as a prerequisite the distinction with the spouses who embark on the adventure together and who are ready to take up any challenges to achieve success and those of whom one decides to employ the other. If you are a business owner and are wondering if you should recruit your other half, this article can help you avoid dead ends that will lead you to separate from the person who shares your life or turn your life into hell. . In the event that he / she is associated, the situation may turn out to be quite different. For simplicity, we will use masculine throughout this article, but we are well aware that women entrepreneurs are in abundance today. Today we regret the English language and its neutrality … but to multiply the pronouns she or he risks making the article illegible!

The clear advantages of working as a couple.

Working together has obvious advantages:

  • Have an employee involved within the company. The spouse generally receives additional pressure not to be considered “only” as privileged. He often has to prove himself to prove that the emotional bond does not take precedence over his duties and obligations as an employee. He must therefore assert his competence and his involvement vis-à-vis other employees and show that he is not an employee who is granted privileges. He sets an example and pulls the company up because it highlights his belief in the success and the values ​​of the company.
  • In difficult times, he can multiply his efforts. Most couples who work together support each other all the more because they are aware of the difficulty experienced by the other. The collaborator-spouse can sometimes accomplish tasks outside his attributions, in particular in the event of rush to support his spouse. These efforts can of course be at the work level but also in the fact of easing tensions between employees or sometimes explaining the behavior of the business manager who puts the pressure …
  • He doesn’t count his hours. Even if you decide to pay all the overtime hours for your spouse, you know that he knows the issues and his tendency will be to make your life easier and not to count down to the minute the hours that as a young entrepreneur could put your money into. cash flow in trouble.
  • He can give you information that you wouldn’t have and suggest good ideas that will relax the atmosphere or that might make you feel good. win time. Your spouse is certainly your other half, but it often happens that he is considered as an employee and not as the entrepreneur to whom we do not tell everything. This is all the more true if you have decided to draw a line between your professional and private life.
  • He can also influence other employees in a positive way so that difficult news is better understood by all other employees. He explains complex situations and the reasons for your decisions in good time in order to calm the spirits.
  • He can be a good confidant. Working with your spouse is above all having someone who understands your issues and your challenges. He knows the life of the company and can quickly become a confidant who will allow you to have new ideas and an escape from your stress. If you can’t confide in any employee about the worries that occupy your mind, unless you want to create panic on board. He can be an excellent confidant.
  • You spend more time together. This argument may seem basic. Rather than seeing your Jules only in the evening and on weekends, you can take advantage of other times to see him and have little extra moments of complicity.
  • You can adapt your schedule. While some companies may be inflexible in terms of vacations, holidays, schedules, it is easier to set up a flexible organization that allows you to make the most of your relationship while ensuring that the company moves forward.

The disadvantages that can lead your relationship to a dead end.

There are many advantages to work with your spouse but the situation can quickly become untenable:

  • You can bring your relationship issues back to the office. Your couple’s worries can quickly affect the business, especially when they occupy the minds of both spouses. Rather than having a single disrupted item in the business, both can end up producing less and affecting the progress of the business. The motivation of the spouse can be affected.
  • Conversely, you can take your problems home. If your spouse can provide you with additional help in case of need, the situations encountered can quickly affect the private sphere. After working all day together, it’s impossible to rest at home since you keep talking about what happened to you today at work, without having the usual objectivity of the spouse.
  • In the event of professional conflicts, the situation can become difficult to manage. Even if you consider your spouse to be a full-fledged employee, it can quickly become complicated to take certain sanctions. Will you send him a registered letter as to each employee in case of fault? Are you ready to fire him and accept the consequences (at least financial) of such a decision? So many situations that can become real.
  • If the business goes badly, you are both in danger. One of the great difficulties to undertake together is the risk that weighs for the couple in the event of difficulties. If in a “traditional” couple, one will be able to meet the needs of the other in the event of difficulties, in this situation all the eggs are found in the same basket. The stress generated in this case will be greater.
  • A difficulty to be decided impartially. In the event of a conflict between your spouse and another employee, the situation can also quickly get out of hand. Already because your other employee may not want to call on you when they should or even think that you will be biased.
  • A situation that can become tiring for the couple. Seeing each other too much all the time, the couple can quickly be affected. Morning, day, night, you keep seeing your other half and your relationship could quickly falter. You no longer want to see your spouse when you come home and decrease your efforts. A routine can quickly set in and the feeling of desirability flies away.
  • A feeling of frustration and injustice can arise. Are you denying your spouse a raise? Ask yourself the right questions because you may be treating your partner less well than you would with another employee. If the requirements are to be the same as with another employee, the benefits should also be the same.

So what do you choose?

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