get to know the digital event the size of your dream

get to know the digital event the size of your dream

10 years on the market, Hotmart knows exactly what you need to start or grow a digital business. that’s why we’ve created a live event with the right content to help you explore all of its possibilities: the Hotmart MASTERS.

The digital market represents a world of opportunities for those who wish to undertake and start a new business. And there are already several names that are doing quite well like digital entrepreneurs.

But why are some people successful in this market and others not? Is it a fluke?

Like everything in life, to make one digital business To be successful, it is necessary to plan and apply the right strategies and tools. And, for this, there are several sources of study, like our own blog, webinars, educational material, among others.

Have you thought about gaining this knowledge directly from leading digital market experts, learning from those who understand the subject? Hotmart conceived and created Hotmart MASTERS.

This is not just any event or course: it is exclusive content, with which you will learn everything you need to know about digital marketing. You will also have the chance to learn how to use tools and strategies with the proven ones.

Who are these experts? And what are they going to teach? How and when will the event take place? Read on and you’ll find out all of this and more!

What is Hotmart MASTERS?

The Hotmart MASTERS is a online event, live and free for those who wish to keep abreast of the main topics and trends in the digital market.

We bring together great masters from all over the world, real references in fields such as entrepreneurship, digital marketing and education. For three days of fast learning, they will share a little of their trajectory, in addition to the strategies that will move the market in the years to come.

And it’s not just advice. Hotmart believes knowledge changes everything and, therefore, the event will bring content that, when put into practice, will help you explore its possibilities.

By bringing the best in the industry together at an event, we want to help you not only have a digital business, but also live your passions and earn. quality of life.

By bringing our expertise in face-to-face events online, we want as many people as possible to consume and absorb valuable content and have an incredible experience.

Ultimately, we want everyone to learn and be inspired to continue their path or even start from scratch, following the right path of those who have already walked it.

Who are those who speak?

With 10 years of experience in the digital education and entrepreneurship markets, Hotmart understands the needs of people, whether they are experienced entrepreneurs or people who are just getting started.

And it is with this in mind that, for this edition of Hotmart MASTERS, we have decided to bring together in one event specialists who translate our history and the mission to help more people create new opportunities for the future.

The confirmed speakers are:

  • Sergio Teijido Melo, Insights Manager at Google Brazil, with the conference “Commerce on YouTube: insights into the role of YouTube in consumer practices”;
  • Erico Rocha, Digital Marketing Specialist and Co-Founder of Ignição Digital, with the conference “Live Analysis of Pre-Launch Content”;
  • Sidney evelle, Entrepreneur and founder of Desabafo Social, Inventivos and partner of SHARP, cultural intelligence center, with the conference “Impact company, creativity and strategies for the world of work of the future”;
  • Micha Menezes, Paid traffic specialist, Co-founder of Agência Pinguim – certified by Hotmart, with the conference “Everything you need to know to create ads that sell”;
  • Priscilla zillo, CEO of the Sapientia course, strategist and specialist in launch experts, with the conference “Launch expert: from the contract to multiple digits”;
  • Marcelo Távora, Co-founder of Viking Digital, Affiliate and Paid Traffic Manager, with the conference “Best Practices for Working as an Affiliate”;
  • Icarus of Carvalho, Writer, Digital Strategist, CEO and Founder of O Novo Mercado Digital Business School, with the conference “Engagement: How to Keep Students Active in the Secondary Market?”;
  • Valeska Bruzzi, Expert in relationship and content marketing, with more than 20 thousand students in the segment in their course “100 Passos”, with the conference “The importance of the goal in building a strong personal brand”;
  • Rodrigo Vinhas, Digital Strategist, mentor and founding partner of Egratitude, with the conference “Curatorship: how to make the right decision at the right time”;
  • Wendell Carvalho, Behavioral trainer, entrepreneur and CEO of Kairos Treinamentos, with the conference “Spirit of post-pandemic success”;
  • Leandro Ladeira, Partner of the WDC group, Founder of Venda Todo Santo Dia, with the conference “The difference between perpetual and launch”;
  • Quinderé sizes, CEO of Meteoric – Accelerator of results and creator of the launch of Meteoric, with the conference “The intimate life of an irresistible offer”;
  • Cleiton Maranhão, Consultant and marketing strategist, founder of Criando Cursos Incríveis, with the conference “3 secrets for a bulletproof business”;
  • Andrezza Souza and Ana Gutierrez, Senior Sales Manager and Senior Customer Success Manager, with the conference “Revolutionize your strategies with customer loyalty”;
  • Alexandre abramo, Director of Global Strategic Affairs at Hotmart, with the conference “How to prepare for the future of the digital market”;

When will the Hotmart MASTERS take place?

The Hotmart MASTERS will take place May 26, 27 and 28. There will be three days of live presentations full of content and learning.

Therefore, to make sure you don’t miss any attractions, leave the dates already booked in your calendar and keep an eye out that soon we will be releasing the full event schedule!

Remember that the lectures will be published daily. In other words, if you don’t schedule yourself properly, you will miss the lessons for the day. So that you can absorb all the content, also set aside a notebook and pen to jot down the best tips and strategies during the event.

In the last edition of MASTERS, you asked the question and we answered. This year, all lectures will be recorded for 24 hours for those who cannot attend the event live. Make sure you don’t miss anything.

What will be taught at the MASTERS?

The speakers prepare their lectures with great care and affection. Everyone has taken what they know best and made it a great class, with lots of valuable content that can be applied right away.

During the MASTERY, you’ll learn everything you need to build your digital product, structure it, design organic and paid advertising strategies, and launch tactics.

You will also learn how to find the motivation to complete your projects, build communities and retain your followers, using this digital influence to earn more.

For the full conference program, follow the news on the official website, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and for Hotmart MASTERS community on Sparkle.

Guarantee your spot now at Hotmart MASTERS

This edition of Hotmart MASTERS is special and packed with attractions handpicked to bring you the best in content, experience and best practices.

If you are looking to get into entrepreneurship in the digital market or already have a business, but want to expand your possibilities even further, this event is for you.

So, don’t waste time and guarantee your place at Hotmart MASTERS. Just click on the banner below. We’ll see each other there!

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