Generate traffic: a major challenge

Generate traffic: a major challenge

Generating traffic is a major challenge. The latter remains a barometer of visibility and notoriety that will allow you to develop your business. There are a number of techniques that give significant results. Gaining visitors requires know-how but also a strategy for effective management of content and links. A few tips.

Tip 1: rigorous analysis

If your site is not generating the traffic you might expect, it is necessary before you go all out to do a thorough analysis of the reasons. First you need to ask yourself the following questions:

  • is it a technical problem and therefore what are the features that prevent traffic from being optimized (page loading speed on computer, tablet and smartphone and that for all browsers)
  • is this a difficulty encountered in the user experience: nothing better than asking a heterogeneous group of people (age, experienced internet user, occasional internet user, employee, unemployed …) to live the user experience and who will let you see what drives them away from your site.

Tip 2: index your site in search engines

The search engine are the key to SEO (you must get your site listed on search engines (Google, Yahoo and Bing). Thanks to the results of the study you conducted, you will be able to act so that search engine robots will spot you to index your pages as well as possible, thus preventing your site from generating 404 errors, which are very penalizing.

Tip 3: building inbound links

Google is on the lookout for any sites that try to build their reputation through some form of disguised advertising. However, we can use an inbound link which is that of another site linked to the same theme, sector or domain as your site and which will highlight your site thanks to a link which points to one of your pages and therefore leads Internet users to go to your site. However, you will have to insert your “back links” with rigor.

Some tips

  • register your site in online directories (the intranaut looking for information refers to it)
  • exchange links with other sites dealing with the same subject
  • integrate a Webring (network of sites specialized on the same subject)
  • submit articles to blogging sites that have a large following
  • join a network of affiliate sites.

Tip 4: publish content

The key to SEO is content posting which is about posting quality content periodically. To develop the indexing of the main keywords of your site create a page ” Blog »Then regularly publish articles optimized for these keywords. Be careful, there is the other side of the coin, the excessive use of keywords or of your pages is sanctioned by search engines. Your content must therefore be original content every time.

Tip 5 your presence on social networks

The social networks should be part of your strategy to increase your traffic. Sharing content on social networks like Facebook and Twitter makes it possible to capture a large audience thanks to the personal links of Internet users. A few “likes” the page and other shares and you will gain notoriety without having invested cash. Before you start, find the best way to be present on social media.

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