Find out what sales operations are and how to implement them in your business

Find out what sales operations are and how to implement them in your business

If you still don’t know what Sales Ops is, you may be missing out on an opportunity to make your business even more complete and optimized!

When structuring a business, it is important to think about the main areas that operate on the front line and drive results, such as the sales industry.

However, many entrepreneurs do not pay enough attention to the teams that work behind the scenes of the business, providing support and direction for operations.

This can compromise the performance of sectors that directly contribute to income, preventing them from reaching their maximum potential.

For this reason, before you start your business, it is worth knowing some of the departments responsible for guiding your processes in an organized and professional manner, such as sales operations.

To help you, we have prepared a comprehensive guide on what this sector is, how important it is in a business and how you can properly structure your team.

What are sales operations?

Sales Ops, short for Sales Operations, can be translated as Sales Operations, and is nothing more than the team responsible for guiding and assisting the sales industry.

Sales Operations Specialists are responsible for aligning the sales team with business strategies, as well as tracking results and working on new approaches to increase team productivity.

Although the position is still little known, Sales Ops are already becoming an industry present in many companies, especially B2B company.

In addition, depending on the size of the business and its business demand, Commercial Operations may be a sector made up of a single professional, or an entire team.

What is the goal of a Sales Ops team?

Although Sales Ops does not act directly on the front lines of sales, its main goal is to optimize business results and increase the productivity of salespeople.

For this, these professionals seek to achieve various objectives aimed at optimizing the project processes, from the first steps to the completion of the sale.

In addition, the business operations sector also aims to make the sales stages more productive and simplified.

At the time of business, the seller must be ready to close the deal, have all the information about the client and have access to the best strategies for each situation. These directives and directives are dependent on the sales operations.

Fundamentally, the industry should always seek out the best solutions for the business, support the sales team, and deliver assertive campaigns to increase productivity and hence profits.

How is a business operations team structured?

In principle, a Sales Ops team should be structured according to the needs and requirements of the business.

Thus, it is important to analyze the different needs of the project, which will be provided with an adequate team of specialists.

Next, the team must look for qualified professionals who match the profile determined by the entrepreneur.

By default, many entrepreneurs equip their team with a technical expert, an expert with knowledge of the market, such as marketing, and a relationship expert, to properly guide sellers.

In addition, it is important that the business provides the right structure for the sales operations to work.

Preferably, it is recommended to reserve a place in the back office, with all the material necessary for reading and data analysis.

Why have a Sales Ops team?

Even after learning more about the business operations industry, some entrepreneurs still have doubts about implementing this system in their business.

Therefore, we’ve separated some of the main reasons why you create a business operations team and invest in a team for your sales:

Allows you to strategically collect information

One of the functions of Sales Ops is to gather and analyze information to prepare for the strategies more assertive for the company.

In many cases, other professionals are busy with their own responsibilities and cannot provide meaningful data to the business.

However, by defining a team just for this purpose, it is possible to collect this data in a more meaningful way, in addition to analyzing it with more dedication.

Optimizes the time of the sales department

Having a Sales Ops team in your business can optimize your sales department’s time and production.

This is because salespeople won’t need to waste time researching customer information or developing approach strategies, for example.

All of this guidance will be provided by the business operation, which will make the process more agile and efficient.

Improves the processes used

In addition to creating new strategies, Sales Ops is also responsible for improving existing processes.

This is possible by performing testicles, analysis of the results and, finally, proposal of solutions which make the operations even more optimized, without needing to replace them completely.

Increase predictability of cash flow

Sales operations also allow the business to have more concrete predictability of cash flow.

Indeed, these plans are based on actual data and results proposed by the operations team.

By working on sales dynamics and developing strong strategies, Sales Ops identifies processes to improve and thus generates more positive income.

The project can thus broaden its cash flow forecasts and monitor these variations more effectively.

Facilitates the scalability of the company

A scalability your business is a determining factor in measuring your results and your profits.

And with sales operations, you may be more likely to increase this factor in a positive way, adding more value to your business, without increasing your costs.

With the broad and strategic vision that business operations provide, it will be possible to drive sales, gain new customers and optimize processes, while maintaining scalable growth.

Help seize opportunities

Finally, creating a sales transaction can help you and your sales team better exploit business opportunities as they arise.

A team of experts finds the best gaps, the areas with the highest potential and the under-explored territories.

Thus, your business will be able to expand its growth, gain more space in the market and attract more customers, taking advantage of opportunities that arise at the right time.

How to structure a Commercial Operations team?

After you have better understood the functions and importance of a Sales Ops, it is time to structure your team.

For this, there are a few basic steps that can help in this process. Check:

1. Have a specialized team

As we mentioned, having a specialized team is essential to achieve all business goals.

Therefore, look for qualified professionals who have experience in this industry and can positively contribute to operations.

2. Define the metrics

It is important that the sales operations are aligned with the rest of the business. And, for this, it is recommended to define the main metric who will guide the team in its service.

For example, some initial metrics that can help with this targeting are:

  • Company objectives;
  • Main sales strategies;
  • Business personalities;
  • KPI;
  • Sales scripts;
  • Among others.

In addition to using these metrics to align processes, Sales Ops will also use them to monitor results and deliver effective new campaigns.

3. Adopt common practices

Without a model, Sales Ops will not be able to identify points to work as a team or analyze data strategically, for example.

Thus, it is essential to adopt common practices that allow comparisons and reports.

This will help the team verify metrics and work confidently to optimize the business.

4. Automate processes

No sales transaction, one process automation it is essential to facilitate the work of the whole team.

Therefore, it is important to adopt as many tools as possible. In this way, it will be possible to:

  • Eliminate complex steps;
  • Facilitate data analysis;
  • Optimize time;
  • And increase the productivity of the whole company.

5. Track metrics

Structuring a business operations team also means following defined metrics and standards.

This periodic management allows for a more concrete analysis of long-term results, in addition to allowing the team to function more efficiently.

6. Make adjustments and test

Finally, to structure a good Sales Ops team in your company, it is essential to carry out tests and adjustments in the forms of operation.

In this way, specialists will be able to identify which processes are working and which are not and find assertive solutions for business operations.

It is only through experimentation that the team will be able to find the best methods for the business and, thus, really increase productivity.

Is implementing sales operations worth it?

Although the number of companies adopting this role is still small, business operations can be a key area for optimizing your operations.

This team is focused on analyzing data and developing strategies to help the sales industry achieve more productive results.

As a result, it also positively influences other sectors, allowing the company to develop and act more assertively in negotiations.

In summary, it helps to learn more about all that sales operations can offer your business. Think about setting up this sector as soon as possible and have an efficient structure for your activities, in addition to having an interesting differential for your sales process.

And, to further optimize the work of the Sales Ops team, it is essential to define the main performance indicators. To learn more on the subject, visit our article and learn all about sales indicators.

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