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Solution seekers can be a great tool for sales clearance. Be one of the first to learn more about creating finder solutions that will support your sales team’s conversations and give your prospects the information they’re looking for and inspire them to make a purchase.

The great Agatha Christie had already said: for every problem there is a very simple solution.

Using a solution finder has become an increasingly popular method of determining which product or service is best for you, and for very good reason.

Unlike an assessment or quiz, a solution finder provides you with a specific result or recommendation based on the information you provide, often with a link to purchase that product or subscribe to that service, at that exact point in time. . Bread eaten!

Solution seekers solve problems effectively and efficiently, while providing your sales team with valuable user information they can use to better support their interactions and move the prospect through the buying process. until the sale.

Finders of solutions for comparators in the last step

For a buyer more advanced in the journey, a solution finder works to encourage the buying decision. He’s already been educated, thanks to your content, and he’s ready to buy, but still doesn’t know which option is best. The solution finder, through specific questions, allows the user to compare product options and get a better idea of ​​which is the best option based on their needs.

In our study with Demand Metric, the 57% of respondents representing income-generating companies said their content was most effective during the middle and late stages of the buying journey. While it is true that we often focus on creating content for the top of the sales funnel and on the job brand awarenessIt’s also important to create a content strategy for the bottom of the funnel.

How Do Sales Activation Solution Finders Work?

This month, we take a look at building better sales through parts selection for Sales Enablement. In this sense, interactive content supports your sales team with the valuable data it provides. Ratings, quizzes, or calculators are set up for the prospect to discover meaningful results and for the sales team to gain meaningful insights to lead productive conversations.

Let’s look at an example of a Purchasing Power solution finder tool, built with Ion.

sales support solutions
sales support solutions

In this example, Purchasing Power uses the Solution Finder for those who want to buy a laptop. The questions are about how the user will use it, what operating system they prefer and how much portability they need. Based on your answers, Purchasing Power makes a recommendation, in this case it offers a gaming laptop PC.

The solution is that simple. If the user is not satisfied with the result, he has the option of starting over. Otherwise, you can purchase the recommended solution with a direct link to the brand’s website.

In addition, the sales team already has all the information provided by the user in this experiment. You will know where you clicked, what result you were given and whether you continued on the site. You’ll also know if the user has left the Solution Finder at any point, which gives them a great starting point for a follow-up call.

When the salesperson calls the prospect, you don’t need to spend time researching the answers you already know. You’ll have everything you need to focus on what’s stopping the prospect from making the purchase.

For every problem there is a solution and in the world of interactive content the solution finder makes it simple.

Would you like to know more about the tool that allows you to create a search engine for sales support solutions and other interactive content?Meet Ion and find out what it can do for your business!

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