Facebook confirms Trump’s suspension, which he relaunches with his blog

Facebook confirms Trump’s suspension, which he relaunches with his blog

TheSupervisory Board, the supervisory board of Facebook, confirms the suspension of the social network of the account of the former president of the United States Donald trump, but invites the social media company to review the decision within six months.

Theindependent body by the company, to which the competence over certain particularly delicate decisions or to review the most controversial and radical choices of social media policy has been delegated, added “The imposition of an indefinite sentence by Facebook – including the Instagram profile of the same property – without an indefinite suspension standard is not appropriate.”

Facebook will therefore have to review the case “to determine and justify a response that is proportionate and consistent with the rules that apply to other users of its platform”, according to the provisions of the Supervisory Board.

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“They will have to pay a political price”: Trump’s reaction and launch of his own social network, much more like a blog

Ban sparks outburst of anger from Trump who, in official statement, intervenes against Facebook, Twitter and Google, defining their actions as “absolute shame and embarrassment. They have to pay a political price», After the decision not to readmit him to the platform.

“They took away the freedom of speech of the President of the United States because the lunatics on the radical left are afraid of the truth, but the truth will come out anyway, bigger and stronger than ever,” referring to the alleged electoral fraud, ”he continues. Donald trump.

Facebook’s watchdog decision comes the next day launch of Trump’s new social network, which actually disappoints expectations, much more like a Blog. This is a new section, inserted in its official site, which is very reminiscent of the profile of a social network. The “Donald Trump’s officeContains both press releases issued by Trump in recent weeks and, more recently, short messages that closely resemble tweets posted by the former president while he was still in office, sometimes even dozens within hours.

After months of pledging their social media network in response to banned posts, the Twitter-style “platform”, but it is hosted as blog with comments. People can sign up to post alerts on the platform by logging in, although this feature doesn’t appear to be working at the time of posting. Users can also share Trump’s posts on Facebook and Twitter. Twitter’s share option doesn’t currently work, but Facebook’s allows people to share messages from Trump, who announces his new platform in a video, calling it “a place to speak freely and safely, directly from Donald J. Trump’s office”.

With the new site 45office.com, Trump is reviving his image, after being banned from social networks, already projected according to political scientists for a second descent on the ground for the presidential campaign of 2024, faithful to his slogan “America First”, to forge a direct relationship with his supporters.

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Why was Trump banned from social media?

Facebook imposed the “indefinite” ban for violating social network rules and “encouraging and legitimizing violence” during the January 6 attack on the Capitol, in which five victims were killed. Other social media too, like Twitter and YouTube, they suspended Trump’s accounts indefinitely. the CEO Mark Zuckerberg, on this occasion, he defined in a post “the risks of allowing the President to continue to use his service are too great ”.

The decision was then sent back toSupervisory body, composed of 20 independent members tasked with reviewing the tough decisions about moderating content on Facebook and Instagram. Five board members were assigned to the case and analyzed over 9,600 public comments.

The decisions of the Supervisory Body are binding on Facebook

Zuckerberg created the board in 2018, which came into effect last year. The board is funded by Facebook and its decisions are binding.

In pleading for its confirmation, theSupervisory Board however, he clarified that by suspending Trump’s profile “indefinitely”, Facebook did not follow proper procedure, without specifying criteria when or if the account will be restored. Facebook will have to review its rules within six months. The new sanction can be both a temporary suspension and removal from the profile, but in any case it will have to be justified on the basis of clear rules.

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