Facebook Announces 2021 Community Accelerator Grants Program to Help Facebook Community Leaders

Facebook Announces 2021 Community Accelerator Grants Program to Help Facebook Community Leaders

Facebook announced the next phase of its Community accelerator program, which is designed to help Facebook group admins, or organizations in Facebook groups, develop their leadership skills and better use Facebook tools to maximize community impact.

The program provides funding and training to selected participants, in order to provide guidance and ways to expand their presence.

As explained by Facebook


“Through this program, each community will receive up to $ 50,000 to help fund work that advances the community’s goals. A subset of communities will be eligible to receive a portion of the $ 1 million in additional funding. During the eight-month program, participants will receive training, mentorship and funds to invest in an initiative that extends the positive impact of their community. “

As you can see above, the program also gives attendees access to the latest group features and tools, while Facebook is also working with attendees to better understand key areas of potential development.

Facebook launched the program for the first time Last year, as part of its larger goal of maximizing engagement within Facebook groups and providing more avenues of support for group admins. More that 1.8 billion people now engage in Facebook groups every month, while around 400 million, according to Facebook, are part of what it calls “very meaningful“Groups or groups that become at the heart of their interactive and supportive process.

Given this, Facebook wants to maximize that engagement and help connect communities through its tools – and to do that, it needs to offer expanded support and education where it can.

Overall, Facebook is committing up to $ 7.5 million in funding under the 2021 Accelerate Program.

“Selected community leaders will spend five months learning from experts, coaches and a personalized program so they can organize and strengthen their community to work better together. Participants will then spend three months executing their initiatives. They will collaborate with advocates. and community leaders. space and work with the Facebook team to bring their ideas to life. “

This is an interesting initiative from Facebook, which could have many benefits for the community. Group admins are often unsung heroes, working behind the scenes to facilitate the discussion, and it’s good to see Facebook recognize this effort and look to provide more avenues of support – and most importantly, payment – because for many, that can become a part, or even full time job.

And with more people going online than ever before, due to the pandemic that connection is even more important, while the skills learned through this program could then be transferred to new group administrators and leaders, thus strengthening this pool of knowledge.

Certainly, this is an element of growth, and if more Group Admins can start improving their process, it will be of great benefit, both on Facebook and in the community at large.

The 2021 Community Accelerator Program is open to communities present in Facebook groups with leaders aged 18 or over and residing in the following countries: Argentina, Colombia, Chile, Peru, Mexico, Brazil, United States, Philippines, Indonesia, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, United Kingdom, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, South Africa, Kenya, Nigeria, Egypt, Morocco and India. Communities must have existed for more than a year and must have a minimum size of 1000 members

You can find more information and apply, here. Applications will be open from May 4 to 31.

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