Examples of successful landing pages

Examples of successful landing pages

Always useful list the best examples landing page: so you can understand how to get great results and make your landing page just as good. Why they are: Landing pages help you monetize.

The best landing pages for you, selected.

What’s its use WordPress landing page? To bring customers and opportunities. AT earn more. Does this seem like a concrete approach to you? Of course. It must be concrete.

But it is for this reason that today I want to offer some examples of landing pages. So you can understand how to create them one for your website and yours Mark able to monetize. And give you all the satisfaction you need on the Internet.

Base camp

One of the most interesting landing pages to list in this list of examples: that of Base camp.

The reason is simple, it respects (at least from my point of view) all the parameters to obtain good results in terms of user experience and design.

the best landing pages are like this: important title, subtitle that catches the main promise, testimonials that immediately give useful criteria to evaluate.

Then there is an immediately obvious call to action capable of giving an invitation with the good tone of voice. Also thanks to a yellow button that immediately attracts the attention of the public. The number under the CTA button is perfect for adding strength and texture to the action. And to improve the invitation to take a certain action.

landing page examples
Sample landing page they like.

Everything is designed to work, both in terms of design and persuasive writing. And this is precisely thesample landing page efficient I want.

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Code Academy

All simply magnificent. When you imagine the landing page of a service, you would like to have a product like that of Code Academy: a page capable of showing its efficiency, user experience, functional interface and aggressive design but not garish.

landing page, success story
Among the examples of perfect landing pages, there is also this.

Among the examples of internationally successful landing pages also inserted this because he has all the cards on the table to work and intercept new ones drive.

Nell ‘above the fold I find the title makes me understand what I’m about to accomplish, in the next step I have a description of all the steps. And then there is a point that I like a lot: the simplicity. Short landing page e direct to the point, this is what I want.


The Mailchimp homepage it’s already a great, successful landing page. Because the title is a winning reward: leave the potential customer with a great idea.

It is being able to do smart marketing and take advantage of a infinite force of this software to send newsletters: automation and artificial intelligence.

examples of perfect landing pages
Simple and effective, here is an effective landing page.

The study of the different elements of micro-copy it’s a fundamental step in creating a landing page of products and services that can make a difference. Mailchimp does this to convert: with a title and a subtitle, they solve all doubts.


Dropbox is the perfect and ideal landing page. A sample page to attract potential customers and turn them into subscribers. Maybe free for later become a premium user. The reason for my decision and my passion?

The Dropbox landing page.

Nail big title super informative and persuasive with the ability to summarize what it is for, what will be the benefit for those who sign up. Everything in one place: how not to i like this promise? On the right you will find the form immediately and everything is working at its best.

Go Pro

Among the examples of landing page efficiency in Italian we certainly find that of Go Pro. Only flaw: a little too close to the Apple style. Just a case, maybe.

However, the GoPro landing page in Italian remains a good example of how to combine a compelling visual for the brand with a effective communication.

An instantly recognizable style.

The landing page makes extensive use of images but also e especially animations. It’s a long form, a fairly long landing page but not demanding: as with large projects, the free space is improved.

This way, the details you want to highlight appear. From the GoPro landing page, you can learn this: it free space it’s not a waste: you need to use it to make people understand what’s important in your content universe.


A choice of style that of the service for whom deals with blogs. The titles are impressive and with punctuation at the end, a choice that stands out. There is a good use of issues in writing, perfect for activating the cognitive bias of science.

wordpress landing page
Examples of landing pages that work: WordPress.com.

Theinteresting aspect: there is a good use of the visual on wordpress.com, the types of websites and blogs that you can create with the service are displayed. All with simple combinations. I’m sure you won’t find much better landing page examples.


I decided to include the Hubspot page among my favorites for a fundamental reason: the ability to adapt perfectly to the screen size. It’s not just a responsive visual, but thehero shooting it adapts and changes shape

A mobile-friendly landing page.
A mobile-friendly landing page.

The rest of the page (www.hubspot.com) is a set of elements that allow you to complete a landing page structure with a pricing table, price table, buttons with call to action and testimonials to use principle of social proof.

Disney +

A great example of a landing page in Italian. Disney, for the More service, sets up everything you need to convince yourself to take out a subscription.

First there is a pay which involves the user. Then you can immediately find the advantages, brought to the fore and also marked by the logos that are located at the bottom.

Here is a decisive conversion page.

Displayed price, synonymous with clarity and transparency. The alternatives allow you to make a comparison and the call to action it is perfect: it highlights the savings and this only increases the chances of getting the most advantageous option accepted.


The truth: I have a soft spot for landing pages that manage to merge a visual interesting, a bold use of typographical elements, an advanced functionality even on mobile. In this way, the conversion opportunities multiply.

Way, the blogging service, allows you to combine all this thanks to a landing page that merges the persuasive writing with advanced web design.

the support landing page
The landing page for Medium.

I love this resource. the Claim is studied, there are testimonials to affect the social proof but also the balance between the different visual elements becomes decisive.


Even in business, we have sample landing pages from highlight. Are they different from those of B2C? Partly yes, they point directly to the substance. Refer to the Saleforce Signed Conversion page.

landing page examples
Examples of B2B landing pages.

What do we find in this must-see landing? A classic formula, almost from a squeeze page: information title, visual, description with three elements in relief with a contact request form. Will it be a little too complex?

It depends, a landing page by B2B it can be aimed at a lead generation business with a longer sales funnel. So I’m interested in deep audience targeting to start email marketing work.

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